EM Event: Search for a leader! A veteran paladin’s return! (Thur June 7th)

June 06, 2012 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

From the Sonoma EM Events website …

The unrest and rioting in the towns are getting worse. The towns are invaded by raiders on a near daily basis! Lord Blackthorn’s Castle has been destroyed and minions of Exodus have overtaken the Gargoyle City of Ver Lor Reg! The current ruling council lacks the leadership to properly combat these threats. The government of Termur is busy dealing with taking in and accommodating the gargoyle refugees from Ilshenar. The council has sent out a decree that a battle hardened veteran must be found to bring our forces together, in order to begin pushing back the forces of Exodus and to work toward calming the people. A messenger has delivered a message to Britain in Felucca to Bryant the Investigator with a few simple words. “Find Lord Dupre, and ask him to help us.”

Meet at the Britain Counselor’s Hall, Felucca at 9PM EST 8PM CST, 6/7/2012

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