[EM Fiction] Thanksgiving Part 3: “Street Cred.” (Charlotte Christianson)

December 04, 2011 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News, Baja Roleplaying & Event Alliance

Street Cred
EM Godiva

Lady Charlotte Christianson watched the pair, unsure of whether she felt more disgust or curiosity. They were Magincians. Charlotte wrinkled her nose as they made their way over to her table. Apparently they knew Fern. As they exchanges words, Charlotte wondered why Fern would associate with such people. They certainly were not “just below” her station, as Grandmother Aurora had advised. Charlotte made small talk with the female Magincian, clutching her purse to her side.

So this is Lynne and her pirate lover, Dante.
Does he have a real peg-leg?
Oh. Not her pirate lover.
How many lovers does she have?
Lynne wants me to come visit her ghetto.
How awkward.

Although, she must have sensed my fortitude or she would not have asked.

Charlotte mulled it over, informing both Fern and Lynne that it would be like going to a zoo. She agreed to consider the invitation but only after she had obtained her bodyguards.

Charlotte felt all grown up, having survived a visit with real Magincians.

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