[EM Fiction] Meanwhile, back at the bar…

June 04, 2012 By: Larisa Category: Origin News


“What’ll ya have?” the tavern waitress asked the figure slouching in the corner.

“An Ale and make it cold!” he said abruptly. “and some water and a cloth so I can clean up.”

The wench nodded slowly and walked away looking back over her shoulder at the strange man. He had come in earlier that evening and smelled of something odd. He looked like maybe he had putting out fires, perhaps the ones being started by the rioters she had heard about in other towns. She thought that was awfully brave of him so mentioned it. “Been putting out fires have ya?” as she gave him the water and cloth.

An evil looking smile came out from behind the cloth as he wiped his face. “More like starting them.” He chuckled as the waitress’ face drained of color and she stammered.

“I’ll be right back with your ale.” she rushed off and talked to the tavern keep about what he had just said to her.

Meanwhile at other tables, the topic of the day was the invasion of Britain by the rioters and the burning and destruction of Blackthorns Castle.

“So those fools thought they could take the Castle British as well?”

“Darn near did from what I hear tell.”

“Some fool blew up the bridge to old Blackthorne’s castle. Blew himself up right along with it!”

The figure in the corner smiled to himself as he listened to the rumors milling around the room.

“Now now, sweetie,” the tavern keeper said to the waitress. “I’m sure he’s just yanking yer chain.” he pushed the girl with the pitcher and mug towards the stranger. She gulped but stepped forward and did her duty.

She placed the mug on the table and poured the ale into it as she tried very hard not to look at the man. He however wanted to look at her and kept smiling his very odd smile.

“Do you like stories?” he finally ask her.

She shrugged, “Sometimes” she said still without looking at him directly.

He moved to get a bit more into her gaze. Finally she looked at him.

“I’ve seen you before?!” she wasn’t sure for a moment. Then remembered… “wait… aren’t you the storyteller. The one causing stories to come alive and go wrong?”

“Ahh my reputation precedes me.” with another evil grin he winked at the young lass. “Please… don’t tell anyone I was here. I have to stay hidden for a time.”

With that he chugged his ale, paid the girl her money with a big tip and strolled out of the tavern.

Immediately the waitress ran for the barkeep to tell him who had been here.

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