Discussion of UO Changes

June 04, 2012 By: Watchertoo Category: General News

Discussion of UO Changes

Tim Chappell

4 Jun 2012 12:14:43 EST

Associate Producer Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong is discussing plans for the near future of UO on UOStratics:

In approx 2 weeks we will be putting the following on TC1, I hope you guys have time to go check out the changes and give us your feedback.

  • Faction armor distribution – Faction Armor will now cost silver and we removed faction rank restrictions for wearing faction artifacts
  • Faction point system distribution – Points will now be distributed to multiple faction members when participating in killing faction enemies via healing and direct damage.
  • Three (3) new ways to gain City loyalty.
  • A new craftable improved version of the communication crystals.

To find out what other players think of the changes and join in on the discussion, check out the thread here.

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