(EM Event/Yamato)Run! Britannian, run 2012!

August 10, 2012 By: semmerset Category: Asian News

There will be a marathon this year also on Yamato!
Various obstacles and traps will be set along the way, there will be penalties for those who try to shortcut! *grins* Not only run across the field, you will be also requested to collect “clues” from mobs to get a “keyword” which transfers you to the destination!
Meet us at Nujelm EM hall. There is a moongate provided from WBB.

◆ Join event chat channel “Tamchannel”.
◆ The event time is limited to one (1) hour. You need to hit the goal before the time limit expires.
◆ Reentry allowed, DNF allowed, but you can’t leave once you hit the goal.
◆ No flying, no mounts.
◆ Tamers with pets allowed. *Don’t ride on it!

Meeting: Nujel’m EM hall
Date:08/12/2012,Sun,9:00pm JST(8:00am EST)

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