(EM Event/Sakura) Sachi’s summer vacation

August 10, 2012 By: semmerset Category: Asian News

Sachi the girl is very boring.
However,her friend is absent in a travel.
Chorou the old man talked about play as a child.
“I played insect-collecting and a plant collection and swiming in ther river and oacen.”
“Yes,we catched inscet,size and insect fighting with friend.”
“wow,I dont catch insect,you are cool,grampa”
“haha,you are girl,so which better insect collecting or plant collecting?”
“I dont know.”
“Do you want try?”

Sachi(RPC) needs your help for insect-collecting and a plant collection for homework of the summer vacation.
She needs tamers and guards. Please meet her at her house.

08/11/2012,Sat,9:00pm JST(8:00am EST)
Meeting place: A house (86o 19’N, 28o 28’W Tokuno)
moongate from Sakura EM hall (37o 32′N, 172o 32′E ),Nujel’m,Trammel to event meeting place
Chat channel:JapanEMevent

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