(EM Event/Yamato)Cryptid of Britannia Season II.” – Sat, Dec. 10, 9:00pm JST (7:00 am EST)

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The tale so far
The incident which the blood of an animal is extracted and is killed occurred in Vesper.
Billy the shepherd investigated together with the sheriff.
He tried to catch trapped strange toad and he became a toad.
He despaired and it jumped into the sea.
Ruth the Billy’s wife looked for him and she went at the sheriff’s place.
He left the house three months ago.
She mad and she took the sheriff’s notebook and escaped.
He returned and he took a doubtful medicine which she made, but it was ineffective.
She was a witch.
He apologized for fickleness.
He asked her to return the body and His body burned by doubtful magic.
He asked her whether there would be other methods.
Although BigBird’s egg is required, you have to wait till autumn.

And it is winter now
Billy the toad “Ruth! It is winter now!” He was impatient.
Ruth”Hmm,I do not care. You are you in any figures, darling” *laugh*
Billy”I do not want to wait till next year.I cannot do care of the sheep in this figure. And I would like to give you a tight hug.”
She thought and it decided to go out.

Billy is coming back to ask you for a help to discover the Big Bird’s egg, which is suggested from his wife Ruth as an ingredient for the ritual to restore his human body.

◆ Join event channel “Tamchannel”.
◆ You will be asked to help Billy and Ruth to discover Big Bird’s eggs!
Read the following instruction carefully and be prepared!
◆ Character recommended
Mages, Warriors or whatever, but no “young” character allowed.
◆ Skills recommended
Magery, combating, stealing or whatever you like, expected to be useful to pick up eggs.
◆ Rules
– Please take off all your unclean things belong to this world to visit the Big Bird’s Holy Land. In other words, NAKED!
– You are allowed to come along with your full spell books without any specific properties only. You need to pick up all the other things (armors, accessories, weapons, reagents, musical instruments and any other resources) you need at the event site.
◆ Please open the space for the RP characters while they are RPing.

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