EM Events – October 2011

October 10, 2011 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News

EM Events For October 2011
Monday, October 3rd @ 8pm ET – Healer’s Guild Admission Quest, Vesper Healer

Friday, October 7th @ 8pm ET – Tight Lines, Gate from Luna Bank

This event will continue the Poseidon’s Fury restoration project

Sunday, October 9th @ 9pm ET – Hall of Commons Meeting @ The Hall of Commons

Friday, October 14th @ 8pm ET – Hidden Identities, Gate from Luna Bank

Saturday, October 15th @ 8pm ET – Where No Olmec Would Go, Gate from Luna Bank

Sunday, October 16th @ 9pm ET – Hall of Commons Meeting @ The Hall of Commons

Thursday, October 20th @ 8pm ET – The Sosarian Solstice Fair at the Fairgrounds

Friday, October 21st @ 8pm ET – Royal Guard Mission, Royal Guard Depot @ Serpent’s Hold

This event will include the 2nd admission requirement for those seeking entry into the Healer’s Guild. Those seeking entry will need to register with the Royal Guard as field medics and act in that capacity during the mission

Sunday, October 23rd @ 9pm ET – Hall of Commons Meeting @ the Hall of Commons

Sunday, October 30th @ 9pm ET – Hall of Commons Meeting at the Hall of Commons with “Something Spooky” to follow
Stay toon’d!

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