[EM Event] Zalinderas Trap.

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Zalinderas Trap.

It was announced that Stella wanted to help Grimm to get his mind back.


The Counselors hall filled up slowly before Stella arrived.

With a determined look on her face, Stella took the stage.


But even before she could get started to help the professor she received a message from one of her scouts.

Zalinderas spiders were attacking the City of Bloodhaven and breaking the peace treaty.

They decided to go help them.

She opened a gate to Bloodhaven.

When they arrived the battle was still in full swing.


After a long battle the Zalinderas forces were eventually beaten down.

But there was no time to loose.. They had to find a way to free Grimm.

One of the citizens named Vlad thought he saw something in the spiders nest west of Trinsic.

We have been there before, so Stella had a rune near the entrance.


It was like millions of spiders where gathered here near the cave to protect something.

They kept coming from everywhere but at the end they were all defeated.

There had to be something here that could free Grimm from this spell he was suffering from.

After a bit of looking they found his pipe hidden behind a rock.

Lucky that Stella knew how to remove these kinda spells.

It would only take a bit of blood of a vampire.

And Vlad from Bloodhaven that came along with us was perfect for it.

After his blood dropped on the pipe a small explosion took place.

They wondered if it all had worked.

The only way to find out was to go back to Professor Grimm at the telescope.


The professor looked a bit confused and wondered how long he have been like this.

It has been a long time for him.

But our luck seemed to be turned , the professor remembered that Alrik, Jigsaw and Zalindera would be all today at the same place.

They would be all down the terrathan keep.

It was the perfect moment to get them all together and kill them.

Stella made a gate to the entrance of the keep.

The terrathans are dangerous but nothing we could not handle.

When they crossed the bridge to the center of of Zalinderas daughter walked to the group.

She started to talk:

“Szzzzzz. I have a messzzage for Grimmszz fighterszz. Come nearer!

  Alrik and Jigszzaw were right! Like szzilly flieszz you entered our net!

  Szzzzzz. And now… die!”


Stella yelled that it was a trap!

But the spiders came from everywhere! Thousands of them!

There was no way out anymore without a huge battle.

A lot of good men and woman fell in battle.

They kept fighting till they had a little bit of room inside the swamp in the center.

One of Zalinderas daughter tried to kill Stella’s party.


They had to regroup and fight their way back to the surface of the keep.

Why did the professor sended us in the trap?

When they arrived back at the telescope things became clear again.

The professor was still under the illusion spell.

It was frustrating that Zalindera and her followers are always a step ahead!


It was a long evening and everyone was exhausted.

It was time to go home and think how to destroy the crystal of illusion permanently .

Maybe the people of Bloodhaven have a explanation why the vampires blood did not destroy the crystal.

We will have to ask their help.

When Stella arrived back home she found MJ on the floor of the mansion.

His arms and legs were broken.

When she asked the bard who did this… he mumbled…..”Jigsaw!”

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