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Zalinderas Awakening.

Grimm had called us back at the counselors hall.


“Welcome back. We will today attempt to attack the Zalindera altar in New Magincia. Now please give me the
dragon scales that you have collected in the past few weeks for this purpose.”

Several people had gathered a lot of black and white dragon scales for the professor.

“Very well. I think we have enough scales for the Basilisk stone.

*gets a dove* Why, what is it? … I  just get a message.

*reads the message* Someone needs our help immediately! I will tell you the message:”


Professor Grimm, please help me. The spiders are after me. I’m hiding on a sandy beach south of Britain. HH.


“Well, this HH needs our help.
I myself need some time anyway to customize the Basilisk stone.
Please go and look for HH in Britain and help him as best you can.

I come back to you later. Now go and look for HH.”

While the professor left, we started to travel to the beach south of Britain.

When we reached the beach a large group of spiders and scorpions attacked us.

They where numerous but not very strong.

We found Hal and you could see he was afraid!


“Professor Grimm sent you? Good thing you’re here. My name is Hal Henander. The spiders of this witch Zalindera are behind me, because I have important information for you. But I absolutely must go to Trinsic. Only there I can give you more information. I only travel on horseback. Gates and runes I do not trust. Who knows where you arrive?! Please guide me to Trinsic in the local Councilor Hall.”

We had to travel to Trinsic on the road. But the roads are dangerous…. and the many trees are a perfect ambush from spiders.

We had to keep a eye on Hall while we moved on.

It went pretty good at the start, a bit to good!

I had to ask the group to slow down a bit, my old bones are not that fast anymore.

But we got no rest, dozens of spiders and scorpions attacked us again but they where not alone.

A gigantic spider attacked the group, this thing was huge and very powerful!


Some of these spiders only had one target in mind.. Hall!

We had to keep protecting him.

Another of the daughters of Zalindera stormed at us, but these men are brave and did all they could to keep Hal safe.

We slowly fought our way into Trinsic and escorted Hal to the counselors hall.


“Well here is my sad story…Daniel was sitting here. My beloved daughter here. *points to the chairs*

*sobs* And from there came the knight from Minoc which brought an apple as a bridal gift. That damn apple! When Daniel bit the apple, a poison killed him within a single heartbeat. And with his death the terrible Zalindera entered our world. My daughter never got that day. She died a year later of a broken heart.

*sighs heavily* I have both laid to rest in the same grave. But now even this grave was desecrated and Daniel’s skull removed. When will the death of the two will finally be avenged?

* sobs to himself and struggles for words*”

But then the confusion started, a enormous spider stood outside the building!

It was Zalindera herself!


 Several of us ran out of the building to confront her…..But with the distraction something happened.

Out of nowhere someone yelled “Hail Zalindera!”…Two bolts flew toward Hal and killed him.

But it went all so fast that no one saw who was the assassin!

People started to accuse each other.


 In the meantime Zalindera disappeared and several daughters of her attacked us.

One of the daughters even found her way in the counselors hall.

We killed them but when professor Grimm arrived we had to tell him the bad news that hal was killed.


“I have the Basilisk stone …But what happened here?”

We explained what had happened.

“My friends … again a murder in Trinsic like 12 years ago. This is a tragedy. But what Hal said before his death, can help us. Daniel Newstrom! The pain of his terrible death supplies the altar of Zalindera with unholy power. I’m sure to destroy the altar, we need a sign of love that belonged to Daniel. Does anyone have an idea where this could be found? “

Maybe we could find some of these things in Daniel’s grave?

“This is a very good idea. But where is the grave of Mirranda and Daniel?”

But with Hal death we don’t know where that is!

“Then we will have to search all cemeteries in Sosaria after the grave of Daniel. But first let’s go to New Magincia and see what the Basilisk stone can do against the altar of Zalindera. I open a gate to the altar outside. Expect most violent resistance there!”

When we arrived in New Magincia we where attacked by spiders immediately!


We had to fight while we where moving to the altar, so that the professor could destroy it.

Near the altar we came across a big resistance, they clearly did not want us near it.


We defeated all the spiders!

“Now we’ll see what happens! … *takes a wide swing and smashes the Basilisk stone on the altar*”

With one mighty swing the professor destroyed the altar.

“*his hat smokes a little* Well, that was something! This has worked much better than I thought!”


“My friends! Today we started to avenge Elesil. Zalindera is not invulnerable! Please search Mirrandas and Daniels grave until our next meeting. It will be located on one of the many cemeteries. Hopefully we find something in the grave that helps us to destroy the altar in Yew. Then Zalindera, Ploetzbogen and Jigsaw will tremble with fear!”

I am not sure how to feel about this day, we lost Hal who we tried to protect but we did destroy a altar in New Magincia.

But we saw the dangerous of Zalindera and her spiders, and they are big!

I still have questions….. Who killed Hal? Was it someone of the group who protected Hal? Or was it a professional that waited for the right moment to strike!

And i have my doubts that Zalindera, Ploetzbogen and Jigsaw will fear us….Maybe we won a battle but this is not over yet!

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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