[EM Event] To be bringing them home

May 05, 2012 By: Larisa Category: Origin News


“Your Highness, another message from Ver Lor Reg,”

Queen Zhah took the message from the courier and nodded in thanks.

Zhah unrolled the message and sighed heavily.

“Stubborn brethren!” she cast the note aside. She sat there momentarily thinking about how she should handle this.

The gargoyles of Ver Lor Reg are very proud and understandably reluctant to leave the home they have carved from that mountain in Ilshenar. But the reports Zhah had been receiving, it wasn’t going well for them. She had sent several offers to come to Ter Mur and be one with the gargoyles here. Every offer sent back with a resounding negative tone.

“Very well. I will simply go there myself and convince them!” Zhah spread her wings a bit with determination.

Join Queen Zhah in the Royal Palace in Ter Mur. Her highness needs an escort to and from the royal palace to Ver Lor Reg and back again. She will also need all your help to convince the Ver Lor Reg gargoyles to flee their city and come to Ter Mur with her. Remember this is a treacherous time. Please be cautious.

Where: Royal Palace Throne Room in Ter Mur

When: Sunday May 6th, 6pm PST,( 9pm EST)

(OOC) We will be in the Official EM Event Channel in General Chat so if you cannot come to Ter Mur we will communicate with you when and where to meet us in Ilshenar.

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