(EM event /Asuka) A father’s wish

May 05, 2012 By: semmerset Category: Asian News

Youtarou the father gave the sigh when he He has returned from the fishery.
“Soon Boy’s Day celebration in this year”
He wanted to Boy’s Day celebrate A to Kenta the his son.
But he is poor fisherman.
He have no money for celebrate.
He thought apologize for son.

Meeting place: Miyabi Inn (35o 5′N, 45o 21′W), Zento, Tokuno Makoto-shima.
Sunday May.6, 9:00pm JST(8:00am EST)
“What’s a big carp streamer! Cool!”
“You have no carp streamer,hehe.Is it good?”
Children boasted to Kenta.
“If you are enviable, you need to have a carp bought.”
He had borne,he knew his family is poor.
“I want carp streamer…but…”
And he back house,he felt mortified.

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