[EM Event] The Rescue of Princess Buttercup

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Once again the inhabitants of Origin gathered at The Cat’s Lair for another night of story-telling by Asurti, our very own storyteller.

In the recent past, his stories didn’t come out quite the way they were written. Most recently was his adaptation of The Three Little Kittens, which unfortunatly did not have a happy ending.

Upon his arrival…he did not waste any time…

*As you all know, in the past my readings have been…well…they have been inturrupted…*

Tonights Tale was The Princess and the Frog, and Asurti knew, as well as the rest of us did, that something was not quite right with his readings. Our plans for this evening were to try to figure out what was going wrong with his stories…and so he began…

*One Day a Princess was playing with her ball.* He read.

*The princess loved her ball very much, and as she was tossing it up into the air, she missed and it fell into the pond. She knelt down at the edge of the water, but no matter how hard she looked, she could not find it, and laid her head down in her hands and wept.*

*Suddenly, a Frog appeared before her and asked “My dear child, why are you crying?”

“I..I lost my ball in the pond, and I cannot find it, can you help me?”

“Why of course, do not fret, I shall help you…”

Before Asurti could continue with the story, however, an Evil Princess appeared out of thin air and began to attack the crowd.

*Oh No!* Asurti gasped *Not Again!*

Once we had dispatched the Evil Clone, Asurti discovered a note on her body…

*You have only begun to read your full potential, come to these coords if you dare, I will reveal more of my plan*

*Asurti blinked* Well…shall we??

He opened a magic portal to the location and we all followed him through to see what awaited us on the other side.

Stepping through to the other side, we were met by a very large frog…*Please help me, my Princess has been captured and she’s trapped!*

*She was supposed to kiss me…but…this evil man took her prisoner and I was attacked by clones! They looked just like her! Please help me free my Princess!*

Then a deafening roar was heard and we all rushed outside, only to be bombarded on all sides by these evil clones. We fought long and hard to vanquish every last one of them…

and as the last one fell, a brillant flash of light emitted from the Princess’s prison.

*Oh thank….* She took one look at Asurti and cried out *YOU! You..stay away from me! You did this to me!*

Asurti blinked…confused…*M’lady..I don’t know what you’re talking about, I have never seen you before in my life!*

*It was you! You put me in this prison and…*

Asurti inturrupted *What makes you think it was me?*

*He…looked just like you…his name..started with an I…Itrusa…that was his name..he kidnapped me and brought me to this awful place*

Asurti blinked…then shook his head…*No..it couldn’t be…he doesn’t have the gift….*

*Who Asurti?* The crowd demanded *What gift?*

*The gift of reading…I…can bring stories to life before my listeners eyes…it was handed down to me by my father…but my brother…* He looked to the Princess sadly *My twin brother…but he doesn’t have the gift, our Father said he couldn’t….*

*So you knew all along that your stories would come to life?* Demanded the crowd.

*Yes…I knew but not like this! My stories have happy endings!*

Just then the frog, Prince Charming started laughing and jumped outside. We all gave chase and stopped outside.

*I knew you’d fall for my plan…I knew you would come to save her..FOOLS!*

He transformed into an Evil Prince and attacked! We fought long and hard and suffered many casulties but finally defeated him.

Once the Evil Prince was dead, Princess Buttercup breathed a sigh of relief..*Oh my…thank you all…thank you so much…I will never look at a Frog quite the same way again*

Asurti offered a weak smile *I am sorry for this Princess, I don’t understand why my brother would do this..I will find him and get some answers. I am glad you are well..please be safe.*

Turning to the crowd, he sighed deeply. *I am sorry for all of this…my brother…I will find him and get some answers..until then, rest well and be prepared, for I will call upon you all again very soon*

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