[EM Event] The Jade Goat.

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The Jade Goat.

It was time again to help the three eyed general.


-“Good evening warriors,nice that you are reappeared again so numerous!

We are nearly done…

We found already the most of the statues, which were stolen by the Gold Monkey!

We are missing just a few…

Today we are going to a dangerous place to reclaim another statue!

But we have to be carefully, the gold monkey is strong and finally we have to get him, to give him the punishment he deserves!

The problem is i can’t find him, till now i was just able to find the statues but not himself!

So i need to ask you to keep your eyes open, and if you find any hints, please let me know!

I think everything necessary has been said!

It will surely be dangerous, and so i hope that you are well equipped!

May the Gods be with us!

For honor and glory!”

After leaving Britain we traveled to Yew moongate.


Then our voyage took us more southwards and ended at the entrance of blighted grove.


We where warned that it would be a very dangerous place to fight but that was a understatement.

Only seconds after we enter the grove things started to get “grey” for everyone!


We struggled a bit at the start to get organized against the defenders of the jade goat.


But it was a very and long and deadly battle against the defenders.


But our perseverance overcame our enemies in the end!


-” Yes, Sir!


I Knew i could count on you!

Once again we have the golden monkey mugged!

Well done!

Now it’s time for me to go!

You will hear from me!

I wish you a good night!”

The lucky ones found a jade goat to take home as a reminder of this hard battle.



We will await for the three eyed general need our help again with the next statue.

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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