[EM Event] The Jade Emperor.

January 21, 2013 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News

The Jade Emperor.

We have been summoned to come to the counselors hall.

Many people came to see whats going on.


A strange man dressed in green samurai armor stepped on the stage in front of the hall.


“Good evening,

I am sure that you don’t know me.

I am an emissary from the Jade Emperor, that’s a place where everything is in harmony.

We are species which seeks potential kings of different worlds.

If we find someone worthy we bring them up to unfold their full potentials.

Long ago, we brought such a species who called himself the Golden Monkey.

He was born out of rock on the monkey island.

We saw his potential and brought him under our guidance in the heavens.

All went well in the first few months.

He was very smart and learned quickly.

But then he started to get bored and caused a lot of havoc’s and behaved very unruly and disrespectful.

One day he went into the Jade Emperor’s private garden, and noticed the 12 Emerald Statues made of pure jade.

These 12 statues represents the holy zodiacs of the lunar calendar.

To cut a long story short!

He stole them and brought them down to this place and hide them throughout Sosaria because he thought this would be funny.

The Jade Emperor was furious about this and send me to retrieve him and the stolen statues.

I assure you, this is not the first time that i am here and an old friend of mine told me that I will find help here in this hall brave warriors who will not hesitate to help me!


I am asking you all here… are you willing to help the Jade Emperor to retrieve his statues?”

“Looks around”

Of course we help with finding the statues and everyone agreed to assist on this problem.

” I expected nothing else!

As we are in a hurry, I will tell you the rest of the story another day.

For now, I have located the first place where he hide one of the Zodiacs.

To reach this location we will need a boat.

You have 5 minutes to get yourself a boat!”

Only a few minutes later some of the people came back with several ships.

It was time to leave to Tokuno, we all traveled trough the city of Britain to take the moongate at the bank.


We took the moongate to Homare-Jima.

After a short trip to the north the general told us to place our boats and sail to the island to the north.


When we reached the shore of the island we been welcomed by some unfriendly green rats.


We all jumped from the ships and started to fight against dozens of these ugly smelly rats.


After a while we spotted the rats leader and we went after him.

After we killed him we found the stolen zodiac statue.


After the fight was over the general thanked us and told us that the Jade Emperor was grateful!

It was time for us all to get a well deserved rest and the general will look where the other statues are located.

When he find another he will call on our help again to retrieve them.

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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