[EM Event] Robbery Hits Sosaria.. Part 1 (2/26)

February 27, 2012 By: Bryelle Vaughn Category: Pacific News

As requested we gathered at the Britain Counselor’s Hall. Our eyes alert and our weapons drawn, mostly because we all know that generally a death robe follows a summons to this room, we listened. A starting point..that’s what was given with the instructions that this was urgent. One by one we filed out of the hall and into the streets. Some of us recalled and some of us gathered our mounts and headed for the nearest moongate. The destination was The Adventurer’s Needle in Jhelom.

Irvin, stood outside.  He mentioned commotion. When we asked for more specifics he advised that the place had been robbed but he himself had no clue if anything was taken. We made our way inside only to find a few damaged bolts of cloth. Upon further inspection it was clear there was soil from Skara farms still embedded into the material.

Skara Farms would be our next stop. Across the ferry and down the road we ran into Jeremiah. Confusion permeated his senses and finally with a wheel of cheese and a bottle of wine.. he came around. He stated that a man in a dark green robe had come running out of the jeweler’s. Following the trail..

The Jewelers in Jhelom is only easy to find if you are familiar with their transportation system. Much like Moonglow.. you step on and off you go to another part of the city. Barbara stood outside and while we tried to get details, she seemed more interested in how handsome the thief was than what he had taken. Cracking the door open we investigated. We checked glass chests which had been obviously smashed when something caught our eye. There on the floor were pieces of rubble similar to what was used in Britain. That made the decision of where to take the trail easier.

Assuming that if one jewelery shop was hit: the rubble looks like Britain’s streets: we concluded the next obvious place to investigate would be none other than Britain’s Jewelry shops. As it so happens, there on the east side of town stood Norah. A few trinkets had been taken and some jewels. It wasn’t so much what was missing this time though as what was left behind that mattered. That item was a list of locations, the last of which was the Broken Arrow in Serps Hold. Typically, I love visiting that city but not so much when I think I may be walking into a trap. Taking a deep breath and gathering up what courage I could we set out for the walls of stone.

Gerald supposedly had only come for a drink. “Nothing Sketchy,” He said. One ale and one Liquor later his tongue was looser. Funny that happens to men, I thought. As his mouth eased up he mentioned an island and a shrine. We racked our brains and we recalled out. Snakes immediately began nipping at my ankles trying their best to make a meal out of me. They didn’t have a chance to notice I was still wearing Eau d’funk from trips into the Abyss before I had moved on with the group to the next possible location: The Island of Ice and the Shrine of Honesty.

Orville was both annoyed and flippant as we greeted him. He requested a description of the man we were looking for and we happily obliged. Black hair and a dark green robe. Yes, he did indeed remember him. So much so that he remembered a set of co-ordinates around Covetous and the fact that the man would not be there until Tuesday at 8(PST). We would have thanked Orville, but in truth none of us were all too sure of his motives for coughing up the location.


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