[EM Event Report] Crowning the New Lord Protector

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Crowning the Lord Protector
6th December 2011


Finally the time had come for the winner of the election for the first Lord Protector to be announced. The crowds and the final two candidates gathered in Castle British to hear the news.

The Archbishop Thomas Lord was on hand to oversee proceedings and crown the winner.

Archbishop Thomas Lord: Good evening ladies and gentlefolk. We are gathered here today to announce the new Lord Protector. I will not keep you waiting any longer.

I would firstly like to congratulate Escaflowne on a wonderful campaign,
But he has not won, with his own campaign of equal magnitude is Alaster

Alaster is your new Lord Protector

A number of shouts of A PWAAAAAAAAL were heard around the crowd at the news.

Archbishop Thomas Lord: chosen by the people, to act FOR the people. A Pwal indeed *mutters*

Escaflowne: What were the final votes Archbishop?

Archbishop Thomas Lord: For Escaflowne 201.

For Alaster 268.

It was a close run thing

Alaster The Mad: esca i wanted to give you something Alaster then handed over “pants of awesomeness”

Archbishop Thomas Lord: Escaflowne perhaps a very very brief word? Step forward please

Escaflowne: It would seem, That the world is not ready for Escaflowne But i would like to sincerely thank All those that supported me and stood by my side along the way.
You have my eternal gratitude, It was a tough campaign Theres no denying it And i hope Alaster does a good job with the position. But if i can take away one thing from this campaign
I take away this knowledge. That Chaos is needed! It is clear! With the amount of support I received! That a large proportion of this Kingdom! Supports the teachings of Blackthorn and the principle of Chaos And knowing that warms my heart! The Hand of Chaos will not cease! We will continue to march forward And fight for our beliefs! For Chaos shall prevail!

Archbishop Thomas Lord: Thank you Escaflowne. And now to our winner and New Lord Protector of the realm. Step forward!

Alaster The Mad: Wow, thanks everyone, i would like to tell a few things

Archbishop Thomas Lord: Alaster please be seated

Alaster The Mad: I wanted to thanks everyone, that was 3 real awesome weeks

Archbishop Thomas Lord: I was here the …

Alaster The Mad: i’ve met a lot of respectable and honorable people, and well

Archbishop Thomas Lord: Will you be quiet a moment

Alaster The Mad: i’ll try my best to at least equal them all
Archbishop Thomas Lord: *laughs a little*

Alaster The Mad: * shuts mouth*

Archbishop Thomas Lord: *whispers loudly*
You can give us a speech in a while

Now then where on Sosaria was I? I was here the day Queen Dawn was crowned. Long may she rest in peace. And it was I who performed her funeral. That circle was complete

Irvyn: Let us hope you will not be doing the same for Alaster.

Archbishop Thomas Lord: And now a new circle begins. Which we hope wont be complete till the time there is no need for circles or completion thereof

Alaster do you promise to humbly serve the Kingdom and follow the virtues?

Alaster The Mad: I do.

Archbishop Thomas Lord: Do you agree to put the needs of the Kingdom before your own?

Alaster The Mad: I agree !

Archbishop Thomas Lord: Then I announce you as…
Alaster The Mad: Thanks a lot !

Archbishop Thomas Lord: Now I need to fetch Mr Hawke while you say a few words to the crowd

Alaster The Mad: First, don’t kill me yet ! will be plenty of situations for where i’ll die
thanks a lot everyone. i can’t promise i’ll be the best Lord Protector
but i promise to do my best ! And eat chicken, and steal undies !!



We were then led on a parade through the city but as we reached the Britain Sweet Dreams Inn the parade was ambushed by assassins.

After the gathered crowds had dealt with the assassin attacks we found that the evidence pointed back to the Sorcerers Delight Mage shop in Britain again.
On arrival in the shop we found that a door upstairs was locked and Peter the Alchemist was barricading himself in the room with a stack of furniture against the door.

Someone managed to blow the door but we then had to chop our way through the furniture peter had stacked against the door. We then piled into the room and cornered Peter to interrogate him.

Peter The Alchemist: No no!! Don’t hurt me please! No please don’t hurt me!
Kayne: Why shouldnt we?
Peter The Alchemist: They made me do it!!
Kayne: Who?
Brynhild: Snivellin’ coward,
Devante Stirling: should we silence before he gives us away Esca ?
Escaflowne: Do it Devante
Peter The Alchemist: Please don’t hurt me!!
Kayne: Why shouldnt we hurt you peter
Alaster The Mad: you led us to a trap peter !
Peter The Alchemist: I am just a humble alchemist. They made me do it!
Kayne: You caused lots of damage and injury
Peter The Alchemist: I didn’t want to!
Aron Swordmaster: Who is “they”?
Peter The Alchemist: They, the ninja’s!
Alaster The Mad: who commands them ?
Peter The Alchemist: They forced me to help them
Kayne: How did they force you?
Peter The Alchemist: Or else they would hurt my family
Kayne: Did they say anything of why?
Alaster The Mad: who commands them !
Peter The Alchemist: They didn’t tell me anything. Just what to deliver where and when
Kayne: You led us into a trap when we met you lastAlaster The Mad: they were waiting for us
Kayne: That sounds like more than delivering goods
Peter The Alchemist: The ninja’s made me do it! Listen you have to believe me! I will tell you where their boss lives! I had to deliver a large order of Nightshade there just last week
Peter The Alchemist: I can gate you if you want?
Kayne: We dont trust you to gate us into an ambush again
Peter The Alchemist: Nono, you can trust me!
Peter The Alchemist: The it’s in the basement of a noble’s house
Kayne: Who, where?
Peter The Alchemist: In the north side of Nujelm I have a rune right here. Are you sure you don’t want me to gate you?
Nathan Hawke: No no let me see the rune

The group then managed to find a way into the basement of the house via a false bookshelf.

Where we were confronted with a number of ninjas and some more cyborgs as well as mechanics.

After numerous battles we managed to find Harvey the Assassin and deal with him. We also found a number of reports from A1 and A2 discussing plans and experiments.

We also received in honour of the occasion a Painting Commissioned to celebrate the inauguration of the new Lord Protector

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