EM Event: June 6 2013 (Thursday)

June 06, 2013 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

From Sonoma EM Events website:

Come out to the west Brit counselor hall June 6 at 6 Pt 7 MT 8 CT 9 ET


Natasha was getting more angry by the minute. Her skin turned black , scaly and very Itchy. She glanced up at Greystone, eyes smouldering.

“I told you already that Daniel Ravens and his group of “merry” people intercepted my Alembics. This pot will do as well! You are a great magic user. YOU figure it out. Now what ever you have done to my skin, reverse it! Now!”

” Perhaps this pot will do.” He carefully inspected the craftsmanship. ” I think I might know an ancient spell from a book I found while exploring the … Never mind where. You do not need to know.”

“Greystone!!! Look at me! Fix my skin!”

Greystone looked up from his new cauldron and glanced at Natasha’s arm. “Hmm…Almost looks like you are turning to stone. Is that mica and obsidian? Very pretty. Now go away. If this last thing works, perhaps you will turn into a Gargoyle and I won’t have to ‘deliver’ you from your humaness hmm?” He looked at her with psychotic stare.

It was not in Natasha to feel fear. She glared back but felt an uneasiness fall over her. Could she have made a mistake? Was this Gargoyle truly insane? She backed away. Her training had instilled a lesson “Never turn your back on your enemy or one who could become your foe.” She thought perhaps it was time for D’Kettling Greystone to return to sand.

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