[EM Event] Daemon Island.

October 01, 2011 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News

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Daemon Island.

Elesil wanted us to meet her at the counselors hall in Britain.
She wanted to investigate the murder attempt on professor Grimm further.
I was curious what she found out,its not easy to find information about D.A.
I let some of my scouts search around and found a lead where she was.

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Elesil welcomed us and started to explain she been doing her investigation since the attack on Grimm.
It came to her notice that these initial letters D.A. always came back to her with one name only.

Dark Angel!

Then she said she knows one person in the room had a history with this Dark Angel.
She looked at me and confronted me with it.
I could not lie to her about D.A. but i told her it was a bad idea to hunt her down.
Elesil kept asking me if i know where she was.
Finally i told her we found a trace of her on Fire Island.
She wanted to waste no time and opened a gate to the entrance of Hytloth.

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Elesil ordered me to lead everyone to D.A. but i had no intention to do that.
I planned to walk around slow and hoped that people would get tired of the search.
A small group of people ran ahead of me but i had no intension at all to hurry myself.
I noticed Elesil was getting upset with this and said that i had to hurry up.
So i mentioned the Daemon Temple in the center of the island.
There are daemons there but not a place Dark Angel would be.

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I wanted to keep everyone busy for some time without looking further.
I noticed a strange thing at the temple.
Some Fire Daemons appeared, these normally only found in Ter Mur and the Abyss.

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Dark Angel was on the island i started to sense her negative karma.
The more we moved north the stronger i felt her.
I had to move Elesil and her hunting party away from it.
But when i wanted to go more to the west Elesil had enough of me.

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I did not want to do this but hunting Dark Angel is a terrible idea.
They have no idea what they up against!
So i told them that they should look for her without me.
I want to help the professor Grimm but not at the cost of more people getting killed.

I left in anger and recalled away.
But i stayed on Fire Island and stayed at a short distance of the hunting party.
They walked further to the north and more Fire Daemons appeared to attack the group.

At the north part of the island there was a cave.
Some golden banners where standing in front of the cave.

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Elesil ran inside with the hunting party and found the black cloaked stranger sitting in a golden chair.
Columns of fire surrounded her when they approached.

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If D.A. was just sitting there in a chair waiting for us then something is really wrong.
Elesil accused her for the assassination attempt on Grimm and asker her to tell her about the cure for him.
Dark Angel stood up from the chair and then removed her cloak.

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I could not believe what i saw.
Dark Angel was wearing a brand new golden battle armor.
She was not here to have a chat with us.
I heard something at the entrance of the cave.

Slowly Dark Angel put on more armor pieces and said she was expecting us.

Then Elesil told everyone to get her.

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But this exactly what she wanted, another reason to keep her fighting against humans.
If she is the one who poisoned Grimm she might be the only one with the cure.
Killing her would be a bad idea.
And i know even defeating her is never permanent,she is like a phoenix and every time she returns she grows stronger.

Then D.A. welcomed us to her trap and recalled away.
A Daemon General ran into the cave and started to crash into the hunting party.
Good thing everyone was prepared and took care of the Daemon General.

I ran further in the cave and warned them again that this attack would only make things worse.
Then i had a look at the Generals corpse.
I noticed he was holding a book and a map.

When i looked at the map i noticed it was a map of Drachental.
The town i live in!
It seems that D.A. is planning another major invasion on the town.
I looked at the book and could not make any sense of it.
It was encrypted.
Maybe the book contains more information when she wants to attack the town.

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I have to take this book to Stella, She can decode this book.
Dark Angel wants a war with humans and all who help them and she not planning to hide her intension’s.

We need to try to stop her!

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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