[EM Event] Atlantic Event Summary for March 2013

March 05, 2013 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News

Shard: Atlantic
Date: March 2013

Monthly Tease: With the Union no longer hampering his efforts, Sage Nicosaen of the Fount of Oblivion continues to construct a large foreboding tower near the outer limits of Britain. What mysteries and secrets will the tower hold?

Planned Event #1: March 10th 2013 @10pm EST – A Miner’s Plight
Tease: Sage Nicosaen directs his disciples to the plight of a miner that has been assisting him with his construction efforts.

Planned Event #2: March 14th 2013 @10pm EST – From the Skies to Oblivion
Tease: The Capstone of the Tower of Oblivion is set into place, Sage Nicosaen begins the first of many sermons.

Disclaimer: Dates may change, and more events may pop up later in the month depending on several factors.

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