EM Event: A Princess’s call for assistance (Thurs. July 5th)

July 05, 2012 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

From the EM Events website:

Queen Zhah sat on the bench in her bedroom overlooking a scroll  brought to her by one of her advisors. The scroll had various reports of  a disease spreading through the Royal City. The source of the disease  seemed to come from the Gargoyle refugees they had taken in from Ver Lor  Reg in Ilshenar. In recent weeks, Zhah had begun ordering quarantines  of the refugees and the sick the a small fishing town to the north. News  of the disease was considered a closely kept government secret and the  general populace of Britannia, Malas and Tokuno were not aware of  anything out of the ordinary. She rolled up the scroll and put it back  on her table as she stood up to walk to her living quarters, one door  away. Zhah sighed and picked up an apple from the fruit basket in her  room and began eating it, pondering the situation.

Zhah was lost in thought but came to her senses as she heard the door to  her quarters open. In stepped her daughter, Rhista, princess of the  kingdom. “Mother, I am concerned about the treatment of the refugees and  the sick, is there nothing we can do to improve the situation?” Zhah  took a bite of her apple and took a seat on the large bench in the room.  “I have many people on the job, but we have to be careful because I  cannot allow this disease to spread through the city even further,  especially when only our race of gargoyle is at risk.” “Well then surely  we can ask for outside help?” Rhista questioned. Zhah only shook her  head. “The gargoyles have always been a proud people. My daughter. We  will take this matter into our own hands. There is no need to involve  the Humans and Elves.” Hista looked down, disappointed. “I see…it will  be as you say then mother. I will be on my way.” Zhah looked toward her  daughter understanding her disappointment. “I know you don’t want to  hear what I have to say about this matter, but we are doing our best. “  Rhista nodded. “I know mother, goodnight.” Rhista walked out the door  leaving her mother to ponder the situation further as she took another  bite of her apple.

Rhista snuck her way through the royal city, trying not to attract  too much attention to herself. She walked south until she was out of the  city gates and stood at the public moongate that connected Ter Mur to  the outside world. She thought to herself “I know mother means well, but  without help we will all surely suffer and possibly die… The world  needs to know.” She stepped into the moongate and stepped foot into  Trammel, just outside Britain. “Surely someone can help.” She thought.

Meet at Brit Hall 7/5/2012 9EDT, 8 EDT
**Time should read … 9pm EDT * 8pm CDT * 7pm MDT * 6pm PDT

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