A decoration of Tanabata

July 06, 2012 By: semmerset Category: Asian News

The season of Tanabata came.
Please enjoy the night of Tanabata.
Let’s decorate the strip of paper and decoration which wrote the wish.

*Bamboo grass and a strip of paper are prepared.
*Please have decorate , when there is a thing which you want to it.
An item cannot be returned.
The thing of the notation of rarity is unreceivable.
Using an expensive thing as a decoration should stop.

Location: Zento Bank
July 7th
Yamato 8pm JST
Hokuto 9pm JST
Wakoku 9pm JST
Sakura 9pm JST
Asuka 10pm JST
Izumo 10pm JST
Mizuho 10pm JST
Mugen 10pm JST

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