Vela The Sorceress

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Vela The Sorceress
By Petra Fyde, May 2012

Vela redeems reward points from the Void Pool. She is found in Cove

Cauldrons of Transmutation
These are claimed as a deed. The deed has a life span of 24 hours. Once redeemed the cauldron has a life span of 4 hours. It can not be redeeded. All cauldrons convert in a ratio of 3 to 1.

Points Cost Cauldron Type Item Type Conversion Number of Uses
 100  Bronze Ingots  Bronze to Golden  7500
 200  Golden Ingots  Golden to Agapite  5000
 500  Agapite  Ingots  Agapite to Verite  3000
 1000  Verite  Ingots  Verite to Valorite  2000
 100  Ash  Boards  Ash to Yew  7500
 200  Yew  Boards  Yew to Heartwood  5000
 500  Heartwood  Boards  Heartwood to Bloodwood  3000
 1000  Bloodwood  Boards  Bloodwood to Frostwood  2000

All maps have a life span of 24 hours and are used by mining or chopping near the target coordinates while holding the map.

Points Cost Map Type Resource
 250  Miner’s Golden Map A large Deposit of Golden Ore
 500  Miner’s Agapite Map A large Deposit of Agapite Ore
 1000  Miner’s Verite Map  A large Deposit of Verite Ore
 2000  Miner’s Valorite Map  A large Deposit of Valorite Ore
 250  Lumberjack’s Yew Map  A Source of Yew Wood
 500  Lumberjack’s Heartwood  Map  A Source of Heartwood
 1000  Lumberjack’s Bloodwood Map  A Source of Bloodwood
 2000  Lumberjack’s Frostwood Map  A Source of Frostwood

Talismans give either 100% chance to smelt the named ore or bonus logs when chopping the correct log type.

Points Cost Talisman Type Charges
 50  Smelter’s Golden Talisman  6000
 100  Smelter’s Agapite Talisman  3000
 200  Smelter’s Verite Talisman  1500
 500  Smelter’s Valorite Talisman  750
 50  Woodsman’s Yew Talisman  300
 100  Woodsman’s Heartwood Talisman  250
 200  Woodsman’s Bloodwood Talisman  200
 500  Woodsman’s Frostwood Talisman  150

Temporary Forge

Cost 250 points
This item is claimed as a deed. The deed has a life span of 24 hours, once redeemed the forge has a lifespan of 4 hours. It cannot be re-deeded. It does not need to be placed in a house.

Magical Fish Finder

cost 250 points
This item has a lifespan of 4 hours and directs the user to the location of small schools of rare fish. Testing has been carried out by Frarc of Drachenfels shard. His findings recorded here with thanks.

On first launching his ship the fish finder reported nothing found. Sailing on Frarc used the instrument until he got the following result:

Following the instructions, Frarc eventually received the message:

The instrument was tested in areas where fish are known to spawn, including dungeons. Only in Underworld and Stygian Abyss did it fail to find a school.  All fish found with the help of the instrument were of a type that can be made into Magical Fish Pies. All schools of fish yielded a catch of 4 fishes before the school moved.

Fishing with bait did not increase the number of fish caught from each school, but it did appear that they were caught more quickly, which may allow for more schools to be located in the available time before the instrument decays.

Ephemeral Artifacts

These are short life versions of some of Cora’s Artifacts

The ephemeral property deducts maximum durability at a rate of one point per six minutes, while the item is equipped AND the wearer is actively fighting. Being in war mode does not count, nor does simply being the target of aggression. You have to actually be fighting. Also, it deducts from the 25-hour “lifetime” in 10-second increments; if you spend 10 minutes in a fight but only spend half that time in actual combat, your ephemerals will only lose 5 minutes of lifetime.

The current durability is repaired to max durability frequently. The intent is for ephemerals to last for 25 hours of actual fighting time without having to worry about keeping them repaired.
Mike Moore

Systems Designer


Blight of the Tundra Hephaestus Bracelet of Protection
cost 2515 points  Cost 2000 points  Cost 1840 points
A Ranged weapon – Soul Glaive or Composite Bow.  A Large Plate or Heater Shield
Random Slayer
Strength Bonus 5
Stamina Regen 10
Hit Chance Increase 15%
Swing Speed Increase 45%
Damage Increase 50%
Cold Resist 10%
Cold Damage 100%
 Parry + 10
Spell Channelling
Reflect Physical Damage 15%
Defence Chance Increase 15%
Faster Cast 1
Lower Mana Cost 8
Physical Resist 15%
Fire Resist 1%
 Random Eater 15%
Hit Point Increase 5
Hit Point Regeneration 10
Defence Chance Increase 5%

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