Covetous Dungeon Revamp – A Guided Tour

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Covetous Dungeon Re-vamp – A Guided Tour
By Petra Fyde, May 2012

Level 1

On entering Covetous, having navigated the flame traps in the floor, the first creature encountered is the Dazzled Harpy.  This creature, although present in significant numbers, is not hostile unless attacked, an excellent training ground for inexperienced warriors and resource for archers or bowyers needing to harvest feathers.

Vampire Mongbats are also found among the Dazzled Harpies. These strange creatures show low health, which they appear to replenish by attacking the Harpies. They too are not hostile unless attacked.  Beware if you should be tempted to attack them, an encounter with a half health being can become an encounter with a full health being while you are the one on half health.  They will drain your life to heal their own.

Further along the winding passageway through the level you will find Headless Miners diligently digging away. Their only loot appears to be a red shovel or pick with very few uses. These digging implements have no, as yet, discovered special property or ability.  The miners occasionally drop small gems on the floor which are picked up by the vampire mongbats.

The final creature found on this level, as you approach the exit, is the Strange Gazer.  This, the only aggressive creature on the level,  occasionally turns blue for a very brief period.  The reason or meaning of this change is not currently known.

Level 2 – The Void Pool

(from ingame documentation)

When she attempted to wrest knowledge from the Code of Infinite Wisdom, the sorceress Cora broke loose a section of the great book’s altar. Floating through the void between places, the section of magic stone slammed into the shard inside Dungeon Covetous. Trailing behind it is a portal through the void that leads to the Codex itself.

Now Cora has assembled an enormous army of minions to take control of the Void Pool, so that she may once again attempt to steal the knowledge she seeks. Unfortunately for her, she cannot cast magical gates too close to the Void Pool, asn she does not have the means to send more than a few minions through at a time.

You, brave adventurer, must defend  the Void Pool from Cora’s armies. The battle against the forces of Cora the Sorceress is a never-ending one, each wave of forces she sends will be tougher than the last. Eventually, these creatures will be virtually impossible to defeat. How long can you hold out before her armies break through?  How many waves of enemy forces can you push  back before the enemy force is overwhelming?

Cora’s minions carry no loot but as you defeat them you will receive reward points, which can be redeemed by visiting Vela the Sorceress in Cove, and a battle score, which shows on the battle scoreboards. As you can see below, in this brief skimish the character received 3 reward points and a battle score of 72 points.  When the battle is lost there will be a fifteen minute pause before it recommences.  Initial waves have quite modest skills and even a training character will make a difference to the battle. However a wise warrior will know when the best spell to cast is ‘Sanctum Viatas’ or ‘Kal Ort Por’ and leave the battlefield to the more experienced.

void pool message

The Void Pool battle score menu can be accessed from your character’s context menu.

It is not necessary to be in the dungeon to access this menu, anywhere on the right facet will suffice. When opened in Trammel it will show the Trammel Pool score, when opened in Felucca, the Felucca Pool scores. (The character used to create these screen shots can be seen at rank 203 in Trammel, rank 8 in Felucca.)  Although the battle scores for the two facets are shown seperately, the reward points are totalled. Fighting on both facets will not give seperate reward point totals, ‘double resources in Felucca’ rule applies. The number of reward points the char has is shown on Vela’s menu when accessed.


Cora’s army appears to  have five batallions. Each time a battle commences one of these battalions will be gated into the dungeon level, arriving in a variety of locations throughout the level. Each battalion comprises of five creature types.

Level 3 & 4

On levels 3 & 4 reside Cora’s high level minions. They gather in groups according to their type, though the location of each group is random through the level. These creatures, unlike the void pool waves, do carry loot items. Killing creatures on this level gains battle points on the overall totals board, but does not gain reward points.

The Battalions of Cora’s Army
Abyss Elemental Humanoid Reptilian Undead
Daemon Mongbat
Doppleganger (Covetous)
Fire Daemon (Covetous)
Gargoyle Assassin
Lesser Oni
Earth Elemental (Covetous)
Searing Elemental
Venom Elemental
Vortex Elemental
Water Elemental (Covetous)
Lizardman Witchdoctor
Ogre Bonecrusher
Orc footsoldier
Ratman Assassin
Titan Rockhurler
Corrupted Wyvern
Covetous Wyrm
Magma Lizard
Vicious Drake
War Alligator
Angered Spirit
Bone Swordslinger
Covetous Revenant
Diseased Lich
Vile Cadaver

Level 5

If you should somehow manage to battle your way through level 3 you will find Cora the Sorceress on level 5, all alone.

Not an encounter for the faint hearted. Being somewhat faint of heart myself, I have no further intelligence to offer regarding this lady at this time.

The lady is believed to bestow the following artifacts.

Blight of the Tundra Hephaestus Bracelet of Protection Prismatic Lenses Brightblade
A Ranged weapon – Soul Glaive or Composite Bow. A Large Plate or Heater Shield  Katana 
Strength Bonus 5
Stamina Regen 10
Hit Chance Increase 15%
Swing Speed Increase 45%
Damage Increase 50%
Cold Resist 10%
Cold Damage 100%
*Self Repair 5
Parry + 10
Spell Channelling
Reflect Physical Damage 15%
Defence Chance Increase 15%
Faster Cast 1
Lower Mana Cost 8
Physical Resist 15%
Fire Resist 1%
Random Eater 15%
Hit Point Increase 5
Hit Point Regeneration 10
Defence Chance Increase 5%
Hit Point Regeneration 2
Stamina Regeneration 3
Damage Increase 25%
Hit Lower Defence 30%
Physical Resist 18%
Fire Resist 4%
Cold Resist 7%
Poison Resist 17%
Energy Resist 6%
Hit Stamina Leech 100%
Stamina Regeneration 3
Swing Speed Increase 40%
Faster Casting 1
Fire Damage 100%
Hit Chance Increase 10%
Splintering Weapon 20%Damage Increase 50%

*This property is not present on the Ephemeral version from Vela.

Last modified: November 27, 2013

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