Congratulations to Reddogg & Celebrian!!

March 18, 2013 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

We happily received an invitation to the wedding of Reddogg and Celebrian being held in the Nu’jelm Palace, Trammel, for Saturday, March 16, 2013 at 1:00 pm Central time and gladly accepted the request.

On that morning there was a foggy mist in the air and the sun was hiding behind thick clouds. As we rode closer to the Palace we heard the bells ringing, announcing the joyous wedding celebration.

Other guests were arriving and we were all greeted by the officiator, EM Eira, who stood next to the anxious groom and his witness Mike. The Palace was beautifully decorated with fresh flowers and special wedding wreaths and candles of love were on the floor where the bride would walk to her groom.

Once we were all seated and preparing for the bride to make her appearance the sun broke from behind the clouds, as if on cue, and the wedding music from DJ Def of UORadio piped through the building.

There she was, dressed in a exquisite antique wedding dress standing at the Palace doors. Flowers entwined her hair and as she proceeded towards the alter her hair flowed gracefully as a soft wind on a spring day.

We stood and watched the bride to be take her place next to her beloved as Joyce, the witness for the bride, promptly took the bouquet of flowers from Celebrian’s hands.

Everyone took their seats and we waited for the officiator to begin the ceremony. Greeting us all with a clear and crisp voice she began …


Welcome friends!

We have gathered here to witness the joining of REDDOGG to CELEBRIAN in this blessed union of matrimony.

May it be known that the marriage covenant has held a place of honor in every society…even in the most ancient times of Sosaria.
The sages and the ancient scriptures tell of the subverting and then shattering of the Gem of Immortality … thus creating the Shards…
It is believed that by pursuing the 3 principles that link the virtues together, and when all people are united in purpose… that the shards will become one again.

Love [Amo], Truth [Ver] and Courage [Cor] are the 3 principles of which each Virtue has as a part of their making. The most important principle for marriage is Love.
There are 4 virtues tied to love: Spirituality [Om], Justice [Beh], Sacrifice [Cah] and Compassion [Mu].
Spirituality is soul-searching for truth, finding the courage to face adversity, and finding and giving Love.
Justice is ensuring fairness and truth in life and love.
Compassion is the ability to love and forgive other people’s transgressions towards you.

EM Eira proceeded with the Wedding Vows

REDDOGG, CELEBRIAN… please face each other with the reading of your vows.
With Truth you pledge your love to each other. As you are joined together as one soul… you will honor one another. With Courage you will defend … and you will persevere through any troubles that may occur in the years to come. You will Love each other through time and eternity… You are each others Immortal Beloved. With Truth, Courage and Love you pledge this to each other.

REDDOGG, do you take CELEBRIAN to be your wife… To have and to hold in Truth, Courage and Love? Do you promise to love, cherish and honor her… For as long as you both shall live… according to the Sacred Covenant of Marriage?

Reddogg spoke without apprehension and said “I DO”.

EM Eira looked at Celebrian and continued …

CELEBRIAN, do you take REDDOGG to be your husband… To have and to hold in Truth, Courage and Love? Do you promise to love, cherish and honor him… For as long as you both shall live… according to the Sacred Covenant of Marriage?

Celebrian smiled and with strength in her voice said, “I DO”.

It was now time for the ring exchange. The officiator continued with the Ring Vows…

REDDOGG and CELEBRIAN, have chosen the ring as a symbol of their love and commitment.

A ring is a fitting symbol of your commitment to one another. Just as it is never ending–so should be your love.

REDDOGG, please put the ring on Celebrian’s finger to seal the bond you make with her…
CELEBRIAN, please put the ring on Reddogg’s finger to seal the bond you make with him.

The witnesses stepped forward and handed the couple their special engraved rings and watched Reddogg and Celebrian place the rings on each others finger.

EM Eira continued with the blessing and announcement of the union between the couple…


The citizens of Britannia have now heard your vows to each other. Let no one put asunder your union of heart and soul. Now, by the powers committed me, and by the laws of Britannia… I declare that REDDOGG and CELEBRIAN have joined together as One. I send you forth together, united in heart, mind, and soul. Go now, and revel in the power of being a couple. Trust and rely upon each other, and let nothing part thee.

The with a gleaming smile and a tear in her eye, EM Eira proclaimed … REDDOGG, you may now kiss your bride!


And what a kiss is was. Lasting several minutes while the wedding guests celebrated with fireworks and cheers of congratulations.

The bride and groom turned and walked to the palace doors where outside they took a few moments to thank the guests for coming as we followed them outside.

Then just as the bride and groom were about to leave the sun reflected a wondrous rainbow over the east view of the ocean. Heading off for their retreat we all wished them a long and joyous life as husband and wife.


Officiator: EM Eira
Groom Witness: Mike
Bride Witness: Joyce
Music provided by: DJ Def (

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