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Ethereal Void Imperium

  • Chesapeake Governor’s Council Meeting January 18th, 2015 January 18, 2015 Dreadlord LestatChesapeake Governor’s Council Meeting Blackthorn’s Castle Council Room January 18th, 2015 6:00 pm EST The Chesapeake Governor’s Council Meeting started out like any other, the King discussed ongoing issues in the Kingdom, the governor’s discussed events in their cities, onlookers looked on with keen interest or slept noisily. When all of a sudden, out of thin air, black specters ...
  • Chesapeake Community Tree Lighting, Dinner & Giveaway 12/24/14 @8:30pm ET December 23, 2014 Lord Gareth Chesapeake Community Tree Lighting, Dinner & Giveaway 2014 (Tree from 2012) Hosts: Governor Gareth of New Magincia Ozog of Pitmuck Lady Angelica of Luna When: Wednesday, December 24th at 8:30pm ET Where: New Magincia, Trammel This year the Community Holiday/Christmas Tree event will consist of a few mini events. The night will start off with the Community Tree Lighting by Ozog, followed by a delicious dinner prepared by ...
  • Gareths Test Page April 22, 2014 Lord GarethGareths Test Page
  • Governors Council Meeting – March 18, 2014 April 1, 2014 Lord Gareth King Blackthorn – Welcoming Governors new and returning alike, welcome. Citizens, Good Eve. Please, take your seats. I see that it has been a bit of a shakeup in this councils members And it remains to be seen whom shall see to Skara Brae’s needs as well. For now, let us address old business. Old Business King Blackthorn ...
  • The Gincia Herald February 24, 2014 Lord Gareth
  • Trinsic City Fishing Tournament (Open to the Public) January 28, 2014 Lord Gareth
  • January EM Event Schedule January 9, 2014 Lord GarethJanuary EM Event Schedule Posted By: EM Dramnar *from somewhere in the distant distance you hear a whisper resembling a schedule of sorts..* Sun 12th – 6:00pm – Sosarian Solstice Faire (fun n games for all!). Sun 19th – 6:00pm – HoC. Tue 21st – 7:00pm – Council Meeting (a lovely wee chinwag for those governor-folks). Fri 24th – ?:??pm – ...
  • Blackthorn Dungeon Raid December 31, 2013 Lord GarethBlackthorn Dungeon Raid By: Dark Writter Hello everyone I would like to make an official announcement that the PaxLair Alliance and also EVI alliance will be participating in a duel alliance raid on blackthorn’s Dungeon. The co-host for this event is Gareth, this event will take place on 10 January 2014 at 2030 hours eastern time I ...
  • Chesapeake Community Christmas Tree Lighting 2013 December 27, 2013 Lord GarethChesapeake Community Christmas Tree Lighting & Dinner The City of New Magincia, Trammel – December 24th 2013 Video By: Victor Speranza II – Governor of Minoc   Hosts: Governor Gareth of New Magincia Governor Phoenix of Trinsic Mayor NANOC of Dragons Watch Lady Angelica of Luna This years Community Christmas Tree was literally built by the players of the Chesapeake. The tree was constructed ...
  • Item Image Walk Through (For Nails Warstein) December 7, 2013 Lord GarethItem Image Walk Through (For Nails Warstein)  

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