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I get quite a lot of responses and questions on my Dragon Quest stories. So much in fact that I decided to put up a webpage that answers the most commonly asked questions.

Q: Did all the things you describe really happen or is it just fiction ?
A: Everything you read in the stories really happened in UO. All stories happened on the Atlantic shard, except ‘Ladies in White’ which happened on the Baja shard and ‘YinYang’ which happened on the Chesapeake shard.

Q: Who are all these people that I read about in the stories ?
A: Most people in the stories are fellow Dragons. Some others are people we did meet in game and who took the time to get to know us. All people are, without exception, very much into role-playing. All Dragons are part of UDIC. This is not a guild in UO, it is a collection of people who are fans of the Ultima series of games (which includes Ultima Online). Some of the Dragons that your read about in the quest stories are members of a guild (Sunset Knights or Knights of Rivendell to name a few) others are solo Dragons.

Q: Who is organizing these quests ?
A: The quests are organized by some of the Dragons. Driving force behind most of the quests are Daedric Dragon, Lacy Dragon, Nymph Dragon and Xena Dragon. Also several people are asked to perform certain key-roles in a quest. These people vary from quest to quest. In Dragon Quest 1 I was a player, in Dragon Quest 2 I was a lead actor and in Dragon Quest 3 I was player and supporting actor.

Q: Why is OSI helping you on your quests ?
A: This is a misconception. Some of you think we are having a real Ancient Wyrm, like you find in the lower levels of Destard. In fact, the Ancient Wyrm is one of the players who created a character especially for this role. We never asked for OSI’s support though I would *love* to get some support so we can do some really extraordinary things in our quests. Also the necromantic spells that you read about in Dragon Quest 2 are just the ‘standard’ spells you have in UO. By some creative use of macros we were able to change the spell words so it seemed as if we were actually casting new spells. Remember, we are role-players, if we can imagine it we can make it happen!

Q: Are these quests announced beforehand, and can I join one ?
A: We invite people who we know really well (and who are good role-players) to our quests. If we would announce the quests beforehand two things would happen: 1) A lot of people would show up, making the quest unplayable because of the large number of people involved. 2) A certain type of player, also known as ‘the asshole’, would certainly try to ruin our fun. So far during every quest we ran into one or more of those dorks and I can tell you they do not add to the experience.

Last modified: September 8, 2011

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