Xena Dragon

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Hello adventurers, my name is

Xena Dragon

I am a member of the Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter.
Let me tell you something about the adventures I had in Britannia when I participated in the Beta test of Ultima Online

Backpack with tailor toolsXena the TailorThis is what I looked like when I had just entered the world Britannia. My only belongings were the dagger in my hand, the clothes I am wearing and my tailor tools. As you can see by looking into my backpack, I am a Tailor. I make clothes from cloth or hides and try to make a living by selling them. I met someone on the bridge in Britain who was in need of tailoring. He offered me some hides he managed to carve of a deer he killed. Using my tailor kit I managed to make some very nice leather sleeves for him. As you can see, he payed me some gold for the work I was doing.

Xena in leather outfir Xena killed a llama Xena battles a great hart I decided to go hunting and went into the forest looking for deer. Great was my astonishment when I discovered that Llamas lived in the woods. I hunted one down to get some hides and meat. I managed to kill the beast, but it only provided me with fur and meat. For hides I still needed to find a deer. Soon after the encounter with the Llama I encountered my first deer. After a fierce battle I managed to kill it and skin the corpse. From the hide I created a nice looking female leather armour. Now that I was wearing some protective clothing I decided to hunt something bigger. A great hart. After some tracking I managed to locate one and tried to kill it. But a great heart is so much stronger than a deer. It wounded me badly, but I managed to stay on my feet and kill it eventually.

Some leather armour a tailor can make Some leather shoes a tailor can make From the hides I was able to create several types of leather, studded and female armour and leather shoes and boots. I was really getting excited with so much leather to make things from.
Xena showing a leather outfit and another one Xena showing another leather outfit Unfortunately I was not able to make a leather hat or cap. I tried and tried, but could not fiugure out how to do it. But I definitely needed something to put my hair under. It was getting in the way when I was fighting all of the time. Then I realized I have been carrying a lot of cloth around, perhaps I could make me a nice bandana. I sat down with my tailor kit and before I knew it I had created the finest bandane I ever saw. I killed enough deer and great harts to make myself en entire leather wardrobe. This is just what a female warrior needs. Every day a new outfit to protect her strong body and drive all male warriors crazy at the same time… Which outfit do *you* think suits me the most ?

Xena wearing her thigh high red leather boots and red velvet cloak This is the outfit I like the most. And it seems a lot of other people like it too. Check out the comments people are making. Even when I am talking to someone in the woods I am complimented about my looks. If you ever see me walking in my sexy outfit somewhere in Britannia don’t hesitate to say hi. People commenting on Xena's outfit
Xena receives another compliment

Xena the lumberjack Xena the tailor Xena the swordswoman In the short period of time that I roamed the surface of Britannia I have been a lumberjack, a tailor and a swordswoman. I do not know which profession I like the most. Perhaps I will try to keep my skills up for all those professions. And I will definitely start to learn the magic that I have heard so much about. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could enter one of the many dangerous dungeons and not be afraid because I have magically protected myself.

Last modified: September 8, 2011

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