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Xena Dragon – People from the Beta

CaBoT (ICQ 8113815) CaBoT (ICQ 8113815) CaBoT (ICQ 8113815) CaBoT (ICQ 8113815)

CaBoT killing Forkbeard CaBoT with a trained gorilla
CaBoT's friends killing Orcs
CaBoT is one of the heralds of Britannia. He hangs around near Vesper and Cove. Because I hang around in and around Vesper a lot I have met him several times. When great battles take place you can be sure that CaBoT is near to wittness the events so he can write a story about it later. You might want to keep a few steps away from him. He is known for his bad temper and will engage in battle if he feels he is being attacked. I have witnessed him and his friends in the Orc fort near Cove. The Orcs did not stand a chance against such strong opponents. My advice to novice players; If you see CaBoT just say hi and keep a safe distance…

Designer Dragon Designer Dragon is a fellow member of UDIC. It is told he is also one of the creators of the Ultima Online world. I have heard he works for a company called Origin, but none of the shopkeepers in Vesper know what company this is. Sometimes you can see him walking about in Britannia asking people if they are in need of something. The story goes that he has unlimited powers and can do almost anything he wants whilst in Britannia.

The swordsmen in these pictures are not really celebrities but the armour they are wearing is very rare. CyberKhan told me he found the armour somewhere deep in dungeon Covetous, which is north of Vesper. Later he mailed me a picture showing him in full gold plate armour. Very nice indeed. I will have to go adventuring in dungeons soon for I would really like to own armour like that.
Bone armour Bone armour Gold plate armour

Xena before Garath conDoin offers protection Xena dressing up Xena all dressed up

On one of my travels I met Garath conDoin. He was looking for a companion to adventure with. I decided to travel with him but I was a bit worried for I had no real protection against monsters. He kindly offered me some leather gloves, a leather gorget and even an orc helm. In fact he offered more leather armour but I was not strong enough to equip it. After I put everything on I decided to add a little colour. You know me, I always want to make a fashion statement. What do you think of this outfit ?

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