Xena Dragon – Monsters from the Beta

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Xena Dragon – Monsters from the Beta

Troll Zombie Ettin Fire elemental and giant spider Shade (very nasty) Skeleton Water elemental

Here are just a few of the many monsters I encountered on the surface of Britannia. I managed to kill the zombie using only a dagger. The troll and the ettin were way too strong for me. I have learned my lesson and I will never attack such a large opponent unless I am sure I am well trained and well protected. While I roamed the surface of Britannia as a ghost I witnessed many monster attacks. Sadly the monsters were too strong for the good citizens of britannia very often. I have been killed by the spider, the shade and the water elemental. I could outrun the skeleton.

Ogre Honorable Xena Dragon

One day I met a bowyer called Turbo. We decided to travel together into the woods north of Minoc. I was reasonably well protected and equipped with a Viking sword. I bought the sword with the money I made selling feathers. When we encountered a huge ogre we went into battle with it. The ogre was very strong but together we managed to kill it. As you can see my life force was drained to almost nothing. Because the ogre is such an evil creature my notoriety got raised to ‘Honorable’.

Hiding from air elemental Air elemental gives up

Soon after killing the ogre we saw an air elemental that apparently saw us also. We had to run for our lives. The air elemental received help from the dreaded lag monster. Slowly but surely he gained on us. I decided to use a little tactics and tried to hide myself. I managed to hide, Turbo kept running. The air elemental was very confused. For 20 or 30 seconds he kept hovering around me. It seemed like an eternity and I thought this was my final hour. Fortunately the air elemental got so confused he decided to leave the spot where I was hiding.

PK at the mines of MinocPK by an NPC called Raith, Lord of Rats
Bloodbath at Trinsic
Of all the monsters I encountered the most dangerous is the human murderer. Orcs and ogres are foul beasts that can be easily recognized as evil but a villain that is often called a PK’er can hide his intentions pretty well. Only when it’s too late you discover that that nice person asking you directions is only interested in your gold and wants to have it at any cost. Sometimes the killing can get out of control if the guards in town are away for unknown reasons. Soon blood will flow in the streets and only the strongest (or smartest) can survive. I witnessed such an event once in Trinsic and it was not a pretty sight.

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