The Ladies in White

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The Ladies in White

Xena felt alone in her tower. All her guildmates had either died or were retired. Without aim she wandered thru the large structure looking at its emptyness. If only that Dread Lord did not also have a key to this tower she could start putting some real furniture in it. Right now she only had a few small tables and some chairs in there. On the second floor some crates were scattered around on the ground. She hoped that one day a tinkerer could change the lock on the tower doors.

But wait, what was that. The sound of someone pounding on the door. Quickly Xena ran down the stairs to see who was there. Peeking thru the hole in the wall she could see her old friend Elise Laurense standing outside dressed in a death robe. Xena opened the door to let Elise in. ‘What has happened to you ?’ she asked. Elise told her she was killed in a fight and had lost a small fortune. Without asking further Xena opened the chest that was standing in the corner and pulled out a complete bone armour set. ‘This will not make you any prettier but at least you will have some protection’ she said. They went upstairs. Xena offered a bow to Elise. Then she said ‘Elise, you might benefit from a little battle training, let me show you some of how this is done’. Xena and Elise started fighting with each other without hurting each other so much that one of them would die.

After some time Elise started complaining about cold feet. That was quite logical ofcourse. Bone armour did not cover the feet as leather armour does. It was decided that a trip to Trinsic was the best way to find some shoes. Besides, all that training made Xena’s dagger a bit dull and she wanted to buy a new knife to train with. With the use of magicks Xena and Elise travelled to the bank in Trinsic. First they went to the tailor shop. Elise was feeling very unattractive in her bone armour. The tailor had some very nice dresses for sale. They were made of the purest white cloth ever seen in Britannia. The girls looked at the dresses, then at each other and without saying a word they agreed on the purchase. They both bought a snow white dress.

Walking out of the tailor shop they looked like sisters. Noble sisters to be more precise. But although they looked very nice now, Elise still had cold feet. She was in dire need of shoes. Next stop would be the cobbler. Walking to the provisioners shop Xena noticed the sign of an armour shop. She pulled Elise by her arm and headed towards the shop. In the shop there were two customers, but no merchant. One of the customers by the name of Sir Tex saw the two girls enter the room and immediately addressed them. ‘hey girls’, ‘how u doing’ followed by ‘what r u up to’. What a funny language this man spoke. Xena was able to understand what he was saying but it sounded strange at the same time. The other customer was still talking about someting else and uttered ‘I also have a pair of shoes and 2 bottles of wine’. Needless to say this was the man Elise immediately directed her attention to. It appeared his name was Seth and he was interested in selling a pair of shoes. At that moment the merchant stepped into the shop. Xena stepped up to him and asked him what he had for sale. She saw a nice knife but noticed she had 1 goldpiece short of what the merchant asked for it. She winked at Sir Tex and asked if he maybe had 1 goldpiece for her. To her surprise Sir Tex asked what she could offer him. She hesitated at first but then offered a kiss in return for the goldpiece. Sir Tex agreed and received a nice kiss. He then said ‘come to the bank with me’ and walked away. But Xena could not leave Elise alone. Elise, who saw it all happening, took a goldpiece out of her purse and tossed it to Xena so she could finally purchase the knife. Those silly men! Suddenly Seth starting talking nonsense about his lost connection. The ladies could not make heads nor tails of it and figured he was talking about his wits instead. They bade the shopkeeper farewell and started walking towards the provisioner.

Elise was able to purchase a pair of nice leather boots and Xena tried to do some bank business, but the minter was not in the provisioner shop at that moment. Walking out of the shop the ladies saw a dead body lying on the floor. In horror they tried to look away. The sight of people fighting over the belongings of the now dead thief made them feel sad. What has become of the people, that they are fighting over a few coins ? They continued their walk to the bank. Upon arrival they saw Sir Tex standing there. He immediately offered to sell a pair of shoes to Elise. Alas for him, she already purchased a pair of boots. Xena reminded him of his debt. She still wanted to have her 1 gold piece. Sir Tex replied ‘It was a bad kiss and i am pretty poor’. Well this made Xena very angry. The scoundrel! She would tell him what she thought of him. ‘Thou beslubbering milk-livered dogfish!’ she threw at him followed by ‘Thou tottering tardy-gaited clack-dish!’. She started to attract the attention of a lot of people. One of the bystanders even stepped up to her and tried to kiss her. He received a ‘Thou wayward crook-pated death-token!’ from Xena. Elise started pulling Xena away from the crowd and the kisser. She knew that if she would not act now things might get nasty. She covered Xena’s mouth with her hand just after the words ‘Thou vain boil-brained mumble-news!’ came out.

Once they arrived at the mage shop Xena’s temperature was back to normal. They stepped inside to buy a few reagents. Elise stepped up to the merchant to do some shopping. Xena noticed a man was eyeballing her. Xena raised her chin a bit and looked him right in the eyes. ‘I like you’ he said. She started to blush, she did not expect such a direct approach. ‘Why ?’ she asked. He replied with a smile ‘I don’t know, you are pretty and you act so harmless, so cute. But don’t shoot me with a fireball.’ Then he said ‘Please wait here, I will be right back’. Elise walked up to Xena and informed her that the merchant was all out of reagents and that she had not been able to buy what she needed. Then a man called Tojamn introduced himself to the ladies and offered them some reagents for sale at very reasonable prices. He had all reagents except the very rare Black Pearls. Such a shame. The eyeballer Xena met before rushed back in and finally introduced himself. WakkusTabakkus was his name. He had been looking for reagents but could not find any anywhere. He started a nice conversation with Xena about how he would love to protect her and fight by her side. In the meanwhile the merchant announced he just received a fresh shipment of reagents. All customers in the shop, including WakkusTabakkus and Elise rushed to him. Unfortunately Elise just saw the last and only Black Pearls being sold to El Cid. Xena and Elise knew what to do. They looked as cute as they could and with a pretty-please and a kiss on each cheek El Cid was soon persuaded to sell a few pearls to the Ladies. Now that they had done all their shopping it was time to go back to the tower. Xena kissed WakkusTabakkus goodbye and both ladies walked to the bank to get the keys.

In the tower Xena and Elise talked about all that had happened that day. There were lots of laughs and giggles to be heard. After an hour of magicks and swords practice they were so tired that they fell asleep on the rugs that were lying on the floor. They dreamed sweet dreams about heroes and dragons and dresses with matching shoes.

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