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UO BOOM IN ACTION!! (City Trade Deal Auction Results)

August 25, 2014 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

Want to see what was up for grabs? Just click HERE!

EM Event: Robbery!! (Wed. Aug. 6th)

August 06, 2014 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

From the quill of EM Willow on Sonoma EM Events website:


Wednesday August 6th 7PM PDT – “Robbery!” – Meet at Serpent’s Hold Kingsguard Arena.

Gates will be provided from Luna and WBB

*9pm CT, 10pm ET

EM Event: August Fishing Contest …

August 06, 2014 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

From the quill of EM Willow


Monthly Fishing Competition!! (Rules & info found here.)


The Results for July can be found here.


August’s contests fish is going to be the Holy Mackeral fish located in the water-ways of Malas. This fish takes 80 skill to catch. Good luck to all of Sonoma’s fisherpersons!!


Have fun!
~EM Willow

Free public Sonoma ventrilo server is now available

August 05, 2014 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

Sonoma Community News from (PAS) …


Free public Sonoma ventrilo server is now available


The People’s Army of Sonoma (PAS) is providing a free public Ventrilo server for Sonoma players.
Whether you want to log in with your friends and talk while you play UO, or login to find others that might want to go hunting with you, or login to talk with other Sonoma players during EM events or other organized events, feel free to use this server.


If multiple groups are in the Ventrilo server, they are free to jump into separate channels so they don’t have to talk over other groups.


This server is hosted 24/7 by a separate Ventrilo hosting company. PAS pays for the server, and players that want to use the server just need to download the free client, add the settings for the server, and login and start talking with others that may be online.


Our goals in providing this free Ventrilo server are to encourage Sonoma players to participate more in EM and other events, and to provide an opportunity for players to talk to others while they play (especially those that may not be in a guild that provides a Ventrilo server for their members).


If you are interested, please visit the PAS website at:


That link provides you with information on how to connect to the Ventrilo server. We also have a public forum at the PAS website that allows folks to register and post comments or questions.


Please use appropriate language when using this server, and report any violations to KingDavid (KD) of PAS at icq 655-169-564. PAS members will also try to stop in every so often to see if anyone needs help with anything.


If you have any questions, feel free to icq KD at 655-169-564.


KingDavid PAS
Founder and Guildmaster

Scalis Smackdown Sunday (July 27th)

July 26, 2014 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

EM Event: The Final Wave (Wednesday July 23rd)

July 23, 2014 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

Event scroll received from Sonoma EM Event website


The Final Wave
Posted on July 20, 2014 by EMWillow

The Yacumama closed her wings tightly onto her sides, forming fin-like appendages as she descended once again into the water. Her conversation with the land dwellers had been brief. She was unsure her grasp of their language was sufficient enough to get her point across. Time will tell as she dove deeper into the depths…

“I am the last of my kind,” she thought to herself, as the shattering of the Gem of Immortality had separated her from others of her kind and she had no idea what or how it happened. “I must protect myself…at any cost.”

Yacumama are known to live centuries, in fact in her memory she had no experience of seeing one of her kind dead. If anyone had the power to kill her, it would be these land dwellers,or whatever may lie beneath. It was what she feared most, the danger in the depths. Deeper than even she could go, the darkness was where the evil was, she could feel it as she dove deeper. Her eyes were adapted to see in the water, and she could sense all sea creatures within 5 leagues in any direction. They were, after all, her children. This however, deeper, fathoms deeper, and darker than any soul she had ever sensed. The day was coming soon. She felt it. It was coming.


Captain Cameron leaned back in his chair. He understood what the Yacumama was saying, but his guard was up, as was that of the Kings guard. “If she was telling the truth we will need a solid formation,” He thought to himself, staring at the stone walls of his office, “But if she’s lying she will have to be destroyed.”

The King himself had told him the story of the Yacumama. About how they had created the life in the oceans, seas, and rivers. About how they are responsible not only for the kraken who threatened our boats, but also the fish and crabs which fed our families. “Neutral” was a word he used to describe her. The truth is King Blackthorn believed the Yacumama to sleep through most of their lives only waking to replenish the balance of the seas. The king had advised that the Yacumama would be a better friend than foe. With that advice, Cameron would take the chance and trust her. “But if it was not the Yacumama creating these demonic forces that were attacking our shores, then what?” he said aloud to no one.

He stood up and looked out the stone window, watching an eagle fly overhead probably hunting a jackrabbit below. “Below…” Cameron thought, “If the creature comes from below, the guard will have a distinct advantage of being overhead when it emerges.”

A smile crossed Captain Cameron’s face when the idea came to him. “If the Yacumama is willing, I have a plan that just may work.” Cameron brought his fist into his hand and nodded as the eagle swooped down in the distance to grab it’s prey. “If the evil that lies beneath the sea wants a fight, it’s got one!”

Cameron wrote a message to be delivered to the town criers. “This week we will face the beast from below on our terms.” he wrote, “This week the waters will once again belong to us.”

“And to the Yacumama.” he thought, though he didn’t include that part in his orders. Laughing to himself he called in his door guard and handed him the paper.

“Make sure all our guards and citizens are aware” he said. “Even invite those from outside territories not under our Kings reign.” He looked straight at his guard “Anyone who is able bodied, must be there.”

As the guard left he sat back down at his desk with a satisfied look on his face. “Whatever evil it is, we will prevail.”

Meet at Castle Blackthorn Courtyard on Wednesday, July 23rd at 7pm PT, 8pm MT, 9pm CT, 10pm ET.

Shard Guantlet (Friday, July 25th)

July 22, 2014 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

Click here for information about the Free Sonoma Ventrilo Server – hosted by PAS

EM Event: The River Rages: Can it be calmed? (Wed. 6/25)

June 25, 2014 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

Event scroll received from Sonoma EM Event website

The River Rages
Posted on June 24, 2014 by EMWillow

“I cannot believe the number of reports coming in Wilson,” Captain Cameron said to Corporal Wilson as he sifted through the parchments on his desk, “We have 13 reports of river flooding and another eight regarding strange demon-like creatures crawling from the rivers edge.”

Corporal Wilson looked at his Captain carefully, and although he was a rather young man for his status, Wilson could see the signs of stress in the lines of his face. “Sir, the guard did well against the beasts the last time we were there…”

“Indeed they did, but if we are going to fix the problem we are going to have to find the source.” Captain Cameron looked up as a guard came in with yet another report. Without a word the captain took the scroll and read it aloud, “Waters are unsafe. Powerful sirins sing at night luring people into the river never to return. Please send help.” Cameron looked up at his men. “This is it. Something must be done. TODAY!” he growled. “Call the guard, and all those willing, we will stop these beasts at once, but first I will consult with our King and see if his knowledge about these sirins can help us with our defenses.”

Captain Cameron placed the report on his desk with the others and rubbed his brow as his men exited the room. “I hope our forces are strong enough to pull these sirins out of hiding and destroy them.” he thought. Glancing down at this desk he nodded to himself, “I have a good group here,” he said aloud, “I believe they just may prevail.”

Meet at Castle Blackthorn Courtyard on Wednesday, June 25th at 7pm PT, 8pm MT, 9pm CT, 10pm ET.

WELCOME EM WILLOW!! (06/05/14)

June 10, 2014 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

Let’s give our new EM a warm Sonoma Community welcome, we look forward to new adventures with her … WELCOME EM WILLOW!


From Sonoma Stratics EM News



Hi guys and gals! I am the new EM of the proud Sonoma shard!
Just touching base with you guys to let you know events should be starting up soon!

I will post times and dates as I have them.
The first few events will be small until I can get an official meet and greet event so I can really sit down and get to know you all and how you like to play.

Are there any preferences you all have for days of the week or time of day? I will try to get events at different times so that everyone is included, maybe some daytime weekend events. Evenings? Afternoons?

Early mornings are not my thing. Not a morning person, you may find me around town randomly in the middle of the night though! So if you can’t sleep, come look for me! *laughs*

Hope to meet you all soon!!

EM EVENT: Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June 10, 2014 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

EM Event Calendar: Wednesday, June 11th, 7pm Pacific Time (8pm MT, 9pm CT, 10pm ET)
We will meet Captain Cameron and investigate reports of troubled waters. Meet at Castle Blackthorn in the Courtyard

Story background from the Sonoma EM Events website:

Calling of the Guard
Posted on June 8, 2014 by EMWillow

Captain Cameron put down the scroll and rubbed his eyes wearily. He had just taken over as Commander of the Kings Guard after the retirement of Amonos. The man had retired with honors and Cameron had some big shoes to fill. He hadn’t even met his guard yet!

Shaking his head he picked up the scroll and read it again. “I don’t think this area has seen anything bigger than a mongbat in years…” he thought. Yet this report sounded serious.

“River Monsters?” he asked aloud to no one. He looked around his new office and wondered what could cause such a thing. It dawned on him that his niece actually fished in that area. He needed to send word home that the area was dangerous. In fact he needed to warn everyone…

“Guard!” he shouted.

In rushed the door guard, nervously saluting quickly and wondering how the new commander was going to treat his subordinates. “Yes sir!” said the guard making sure to make eye contact with his commander.

“I need to quarantine this area,” he said, scratching some numbers onto a scrap of parchment. “Make sure you warn our people to stay clear, in fact, make sure the town criers in our cities are informed I don’t need any civilian deaths on our hands.”

The guard nodded and took the parchment.

Captain Cameron looked at him before letting go of the paper, “And call the guard. I think we are going to need all hands for this one.”

“Yes sir Captain” the guard replied, running out of the room.

Cameron leaned back onto his desk. “It could be disastrous if this isn’t done right.” he thought, “I will need support from a guard I have not yet met. Hopefully I will earn their respect through example.”