WELCOME EM WILLOW!! (06/05/14)

June 10, 2014 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

Let’s give our new EM a warm Sonoma Community welcome, we look forward to new adventures with her … WELCOME EM WILLOW!


From Sonoma Stratics EM News



Hi guys and gals! I am the new EM of the proud Sonoma shard!
Just touching base with you guys to let you know events should be starting up soon!

I will post times and dates as I have them.
The first few events will be small until I can get an official meet and greet event so I can really sit down and get to know you all and how you like to play.

Are there any preferences you all have for days of the week or time of day? I will try to get events at different times so that everyone is included, maybe some daytime weekend events. Evenings? Afternoons?

Early mornings are not my thing. Not a morning person, you may find me around town randomly in the middle of the night though! So if you can’t sleep, come look for me! *laughs*

Hope to meet you all soon!!

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