Ask & Answer No. 3

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Ask & Answer No. 3

Kai Schober

24 Sep 2012 12:36:20 EST

The Ultima Online team has received another set of questions last week. Here are the answers.

The Rustic and Gothic theme packs can not be bought together, as they could from, are there any plans to make that possible? (Snyder330) 
When the change was made to Origin Store that was left out, we will add it back in next time we go to put something up on the store.

Some Origin stores outside of the US don’t all have the full range of items – when the High Seas booster will be available in EMEA region? (Sir Z), – Stygian Abyss is still not available in Brazil store (Bealank). Will the missing items become available?
We have reported this to my contact, also inquiring when the items from the Korean store will be back, when we hear something definite we will let you guys know.

Is there a reason to keep town loyalty up other than for the banners and the town titles? (Ingame Question)
Mesanna:  Yes there is, we have another reason that will be revealed very soon.  Sorry don’t want to spoil anything.

Will there be more and new casino games added in the future? (Ingame Question)
Phoenix:  Yes!  We are planning another dice game, plus a card game.  Both will be in the style of the casino table games.

While I appresiate the good new new player guide you made for the “Playguide” section on herald.. is there any particular reason you removed alot of valid pages that people frequently used as a look up guide, such as the material bonus page? And why is the new new player guide in PDF? It is terrible to navigate for specific info. (
Mesanna: We are moving over to a new site named and it is in a html format, no more PDF.

Here’s my question: With everyone asking for new content and revamps for old dungeons like Doom, etc, would the DEVs consider re-instating imbuing artifacts/replicas as long as the item caps remain the same for non-exceptional items, meaning all artifacts/replicas would be imbueable to 450 property cap? I mean its a huge undertaking to come up with new artifacts/properties, think about the balance required, and most of the stuff will probably be a rehash of older items anyhow. Why not let us have some fun with it? I think it would really invigorate older lesser/minor artifacts without making anything overpowered, considering how some reforged/new shame loot is insanely good now. (Arcades)
Kyronix: This is a really interesting idea, but one that would need to be tread upon very carefully.  What we’ve talked about is trying to incorporate allowing players to revitalize outdated artifacts via traditional crafting means and at the same time revitalizing the crafter class.

Hello Mesanna and Dev Team, because of the all-time discussion about the UO graphics I like to ask if there are any plans for the 2D/Classic Client to get better a screen resolution? We still have 800×600 max, this is quite outdated for today’s games. (Medea, Ultima Online Bibliothek Forum)
Kyronix: There are draw issues associated with the world building when increasing the size of the client window in the 2D/Classic client.  We’ve experimented with it, but unfortunately the results were not aesthetically pleasing.  You can always come over to the dark side and switch to the EC….*evil grin*

Hallo Mesanna and UO Dev Team, are there any plans to have the small, round Radar Map in the 2D/Classic Client replaced by a zoomable/bigger version of it or even a real map like the Enhanced Client has now? (Ultima Mapper works not on my system so I have no really usable solution at the moment.) And if a new map would be built in, is there a possibility to add Towns, Dungeons and important points too? (Waldschrat and MeneTekel, Ultima Online Bibliothek Forum)
Phoenix: Currently we are not very likely to make any significant changes to the Classic client. The Enhanced client has a much-improved map. Since that client’s UI can be completely customized, player-created user interfaces for the EC offer greater improvements still.

Dear UO Team, what about completing the house- and roof house building tiles? There are some of them and it would be fantastic to have with every set the complete (small) walls, windows, archs and for the roofs all directions of them. (Medea, Ultima Online Bibiothek Forum)
Mesanna: We do know there are missing directions of certain tiles but if you could email me the wall tiles and roof tiles you would like to see in the customization gump that would help us with adding the tiles you guys want.

Dear Dev Team, I am thinking about new instruments for bards – what about a bagpipe? It would fit quite perfectly for some of the races/classes! (Raknar Skarsol, Ultima Online Bibliothek Forum)
Mesanna: First off before I answer this question, are you JP in disguise? *grins* I think bagpipes would be different, but since the instruments are not equippable some of the magic would be lost don’t you think? Of course if you just want some for display and sound that would not be as difficult.

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