Ask & Answer No. 13

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Ask & Answer No. 13

Posted by Tim Chappell | 2013 Jan 25 16:47 -0500 GMT

The new Ask and Answers has arrived! The holidays and a business trip had caused a delay in our answers. We now return to our regularly scheduled Ask and Answer posts with a very creative set of questions and answers.

UO Stratics
Moonstone Jewelery – Can a dev please make another statement on this drop? Specifically where does it actually come from now? Is it Fezzik the Chef or a cannibal mage or a chest in Fezzik’s area? all ove the previous? Has the drop % been altered because of the increase in difficulty of the target now? Thank you. (Mentiras)

Phoenix: It drops off Fezzik the Chef in a full moon when Venus is in the house of the Orion and the flaming pulsar has crossed the horizon on the first Tuesday of the Month of May. Silly Friday, it is a rare drop as in 1 in 1000 chance. We do not want to make this item a house hold name but we will review it.


There were always rumours about secret halls/rooms/whatever in the Stygian Abyss.
As of today I never heard of anybody know more about this “mystery”… is there really a secret part of the Stygian Abyss/Underworld or is this just what it was – rumours? (MedeaDF)

Mesanna: All false, total rumors *grins*

I was wondering if it would be possible to darken or offer a different color altogether for the journal in the classic client. Some text is very difficult to read and without having to go and change a lot of various text colors simply darkening the journal background color would solve this issue. (Vercingitorix)

Bleak: Even though this is an option in the Enhanced client, the only option we have is to make the journal always default to black. Feedback on that option?

Could we please get a token/code to buy from the origin store, that would allow a player on a younger account to get the 720 skill cap? (mikni)

Mesanna: How about we just raise everyone to 720 ?

The Bookcases you buy from the UOGameCode store you can engrave but not dye.
-The Bookcases you make from stealing Academic book cases you can dye but not engrave.
I know the Academic bookcases are suppose to be a little more special since you have to steal them but why cant we engrave them? Then the ones you purchase for $3.25 per case….you can engrave but cannot dye? For the Library I am planning to open I purchased over 40 bookcases spending approximately $130.
Now I would buy more to replace the Academic ones except you cant dye them. I would craft more Academic books but I cannot engrave them….

Any chance one of the two could have the ability to do booth? (Lord Gareth)

Mesanna: I cannot answer a question about an item not sold in the Origin store. (psst UOGameCode store does not exist any longer) No one on the team has any objections to allowing these to be dyed or engraved.

UO Japan
I love new art items such as soulforges, Nexus, Harpsichords and Davies’ Lockers. They look very cool! Unfortunately, they are so large, that I can’t place all of them in my house. Is there any chances to add options which allow me to select smaller version of them? (Nickname: MESORIN)

Mesanna: Maybe in the future but not at this time

House ghost image which appears when you place a house is very good guide to determine where you place it. Unfortunately, house add-ons don’t have those images. I often have to retry placing my add-on several times because I misplace it. Is it possible to add such ghost image guide to house add-ons? And, I have another request about house add-ons. Please show add-on image instead of deed image in crafting menu. I sometimes create add-on deeds which don’t face towards direction I expect. Visual guide would help me see if it is the one I wanted to make. (Namako)

Phoenix: This is not as simple as it sounds and it’s not a task we really want to undertake at this time. The second part of this is also a no at this time for the same reason.

If we took long time to perform the ritual, the Exodus could be defeated before we arrive at the boss area. Do you have any plans to address the issue? (a Twitter user)

Mesanna: This is already fixed

UO Mania
Can we get a way to dye an Artifact with its original color? The bleach can dye an item with the color of its basic item type, but why not restore the item to its original color (at least for Artifacts for which the original color is known) (clorenz)

Kyronix: Sorry we can’t do that without redoing all the dyes in the game. So at this time it is not an option.

UO Auctions
Since we now have Town Loyalties, a great addition, are there any plans to open up a system for Ter Mur Loyalty? perhaps just titles based on reputation with the queen? (Treasure Seeker)

Mesanna: Not a bad idea we will look into it.

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