Ask & Answer No. 12

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Ask & Answer No. 12

Posted by Tim Chappell | 2012 Dec 03 14:50 -0500 GMT

As we move into the twelfth month of the year we bring you Ask and Answer number 12. It is a season for giving and your questions have the developers making plans to bring all sorts of changes to the game. Enjoy!

UO Auctions
Can anything be done about the freezing screen when you use house customising and or the packing create with EC? (Rupert Avery)

We actually discussed this over lunch for approx 20 minutes to try to figure out the best way to do this, bottom line is yes it can be redone but it is not Just a simple task.  But it’s on our radar now.

UO Stratics
Dont wanna add more than a bit thanks to devs for this new hunt. It s well done, fun to make from the start till the end.
It just rings a bell to me concerning the other peerlesses. First of all why dont you change the key timers to make them the same that for Eodus ? i.e. a 1 week timer is great… gives us time enough to prepare things for guild. I understand that it was not welcome at the beginning when all bosses were overcamped but now most peerless places are empty on a regular basis… So if you give us a bit more time to gather sets of keys alike Exodus that would be great indeed  (Lien Ragus)

So this is a valid idea, we like it and you guys will see all the keys for the peerless encounters with extended timers on them in the future.

Hello devs.
I’m trying “Elwood Quest” for several years to get a rare obsidian statue of character’s name.
And it still continues, I am being 200 defeated successively currently…
Is it completely random that a rare name’s statue appears ? I wish there is no like an easter egg on origami paper.
Thank you.(Peil)

We agree the rarity of this is way too high, we will look into adjusting this.  Right now there is a 1 in a 1000 chance to get a rare statue.  We will make some changes to improve this in a future publish.

Gargoyles are still unable to use Dartboards. (not a huge issue i know), but a bigger issue is the Gargoyles inability to use +mining gloves. like the Ringmail with +5 bonus. any help on these would be appreciated.(Victim of Siege) Could we get an option to alter Mining Gloves for a Gargoyle? Gargoyles have become the crafter of choice with imbuing and reforging and since you need over 100 mining skill to max out salvaging…the mining gloves are somewhat necessray. (swroberts) Blacksmith gloves of mining don’t work on mr gargoyle, any chance, down the road, we can alter these in some way??Thnx(Bullseye_of_Atl)

Due to the fact the humans and elf’s have racial bonuses, we do not see any reason that Gargoyles should not have a racial bonus also.  We are going to give the gargoyles a mining racial bonus.

It was mentioned on FoF (April 10, 2009) that “the donation system for community collections needs an overhaul in general”.I’m curious if this is still being looked at/worked on. Thanks. (Whinemaker)

Actually we have made some changes to this system such as allowing you to turn in commodity deeds and bags of items to make it easier to turn in items, if you are asking for a whole new system such as different rewards, mobs etc…we have not discussed this.

Ultima Online Bibliothek
When will there be house plots greater than 18 x 18 for customization? Eg. Keeps could be converted, because they can’t be decorated on three sides and therefore much deco space is wasted. Many people have their Castles and Keeps because of the long time they are playing UO,and so they need the storage space… But there are areas, such as the ice island or Minoc, where Keeps and Castles are lined up and it looks like you are in the ghetto there… and somehow this pabulum is rather boring. Honestly – If we could customize a house plot, wich is as big as a keep’s plot, there would of course be some of our architects there to create something really beautyful … We have such beautiful items for decoration now – why should they even gather dust in the boxes? (Mene’Tekel)

We have talked about this but its again not a task that can be done quickly.  I won’t say no it will never happen but I just don’t have you a definite answer right now.

When do we tamers get new pets for taming? To be a tamer is one of the most beautiful thing UO provides – but right now you can only see tamers, who move around with their Greater Dragons… I personally encounter sadness, because we have a lot of great pets in the game! Silversteeds for e.g. would be very nice – or you could create a mini-version of the Stygian Dragon for taming … *dreaming* I would also find it very cool, if there would be a small chance to get Dread Horses (the better Nightmare) or Bane Dragons back to the game for taming – a lot of new players asked for them and they also want to have such an animal. And what would be great too: Strong pets like the Cu Sidhe or the Hiryu should be able to compete with stronger monsters. The Unicorns used to be very strong too, and the small Nightmares … – if I move to Oni with these animals nowadays, they drop dead in a jiff… which is very frustrating to new players, who can finally handle such an animal. (Mene’Tekel)

We have discussed doing a pet revamp, I would rather not give specific details yet.  This is something the whole team would like to do.

UO Japan
I have a small stone keep. I’d like to lock my items down in my courtyard. Please make a special door which allows players to access its courtyard. I would purchase the door even if it was sold at Origin store.(Nickname:rararin)

A keep is a bit different than the castle, the “courtyards are not accessible it would require us putting in teleporters in and out of those small areas.  Can it be done yes it can.  We will review this for a future publish.

I’d like to see skill/stats of my stabled pets. The Pet Brokers in Magincia have “LORE” option. Is it possible to add the option to the Animal trainers?(Nickname eli)

Using some of the code that is already in the game we can make this possible.

If a character used 2 tokens of personal attendants, one of them became completely meaningless. Could you change the attendant to be tied to an account instead of a character?(Nickname eli)

Yes it can be tied to an account, we will look into this for a future publish.

When will the double NPC spawn be fixed? The Asuka shard still has double NPCs. Can you delete these extra NPCs for us? (Nickname: Quinn)

It will be done by the time these questions are posted.

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