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April 29, 2013 By: petra Category: Ask & Answer, General News

From-the-Devs1Posted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2013 Apr 29 18:18 -0400 GMT

1. UO Stratics
From Pub 81 :
– The looting rights threshold has been lowered for all mobs.
Can you give us some more details on this change? How it works in compare now then before pub 81.
With some % would be nice to make us better to understand. (Kelly O’Brian of Drachenfels.)Bleak: As mentioned before loot rights are broken up into three separate totals (damage dealt, healing done, and damage received ) which are combined to equal the players looting right score. The looting right threshold is based on the highest looting right score which is use as the measuring stick for all other attackers. Pre publish 81 the required threshold was 12% of highest looting right score and since publish 81 it is 6%.

2 UO Stratics

Moonstone Jewelery

Can a dev please make another statement on this drop? Specifically where does it actually come from now? Is it Fezzik the Chef or a cannibal mage or a chest in Fezzik’s area? all ove the previous? Has the drop % been altered because of the increase in difficulty of the target now? Thank you. (Mentiras)

Misk: Currently the only mob in game that can drop the moonstone jewelry is Fezzik the Ogre Cook.  The chances for the jewelry to spawn is 1 in a 1000 and if you are lucky enough to get a drop they will spawn on the mobs corpse.

3. UO Stratics
I was wondering if yaw had any plans for this year or next-year for another get-together as last year was simply amazing and i loved it, and was hoping yaw would do another another one this year if anyway possible.(Bazer)

Mesanna:  Currently there are no plans for another Meeting planned with the players but we do look forward to organizing one in the future.

4. UO Stratics
Does using rocks at Navery lower the chance for a drop?(Gantry)

Kyronix: The drop rate is locked in no matter what. However, using the rocks is not seen as damage done by your character.  So while damaging Navrey with the rocks will cause her to receive a greater amount of damage, in order to qualify for the list of those randomly chosen to have a shot at rolling for rewards, you need to damage her directly.

5. UO Stratics
Line of Sight Question.
If I ‘cannot see that’ and my ‘pet cannot see that?’ Why can [that] see, and attack, me and/or my pet through the wall, through a door or around a corner? (weins201 (paraphrased))

Mesanna:  Unlike players and pets mobs are able to agro thru walls, mountains etc.  We have seen this for as long as UO has been around, Your pet stays engaged due to the fact the mob is trying to fight it.  This is not an easy fix and I can’t promise you it will be fixed in the future.  The work around is to get your pet to obey you.  If you are having spells casted at you or your pet thru walls then that is a problem.  Please report that to us with the type of mob, the dungeon etc so we can confirm this issue and get it into our system.

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