Anniversary Tour and a Look Into the Holiday Toy Chest of the EMs

December 17, 2013 By: Lady Lava Category: Great Lakes News

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Anniversary Tour and a Look Into the Holiday Toy Chest of the EMs

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Tonight was a special night on Great Lakes and an extra special night for our EMs Elizabella and Malachi as is was their anniversary on Great Lakes. Malachi has been our EM for five years and Elizabella four years. Now this is indeed something to celebrate!

I was not the only person to arrive early. I sat with Tye Weatherlight, Agilaz, GimmieSomaDat and blanc De blanc admiring the holiday décor of the Hall. It is filled with angel decorations, poinsettias, nut crackers, candles, holiday garland not to mention Christmas trees and eggnog to drink. Strange as it may seem there was also a partial clothed Santa in a bathtub with a big fluffy towel by his side. Who takes a bath with their hat on ? I guess Santa.

Our talented and dedicated EMs arrived greeting all warmly and announced they were taking us on a tour. It was to be a tour of their personal history as Great Lakes EMs and our shard history. What a combo ! Before the tour started Malachi gave a well versed speech and also announced the Royal Spy Vault would be unlocked for the next few days for all to visit.

The first stop on our tour was the Awards Hall which has recently been re decorated. Malachi was quick to point out that Elizabella is the one that updates the Awards Hall. (For those that may not know the PVP Awards Hall is displayed inside the Brit Bank in Felucca). After a look around the newly revamped Awards Hall and lovely colorful gardens we headed to the original Counselors Hall which Messana moved to a new location after a past upset in the realm. This building holds many interesting things including items from old EM Programs and those of Seers.  Then onto the Village Of The Dawn. I remember being in this location several years ago. It is the former home of The Fellowship. Next we were transported to strange place I had never been before full of secret doors, libraries, tunnels and a mage room. This location is steeped in Gargoyle history and really needs a revisit to spend more time. Then it was onto the Ethereal Void, a place I know well from recent adventures, as I am sure many of you do. This acid colored locale is the place between all worlds in Ultima lore. It is also where many of the dangers to our world enter.

Our final destination was to visit those dang cute baby dragons  Princess Mirendel and Selkestral in Yew. We were lucky enough to find them near their home and playground. As they often do when humans are near they popped from dragon to human form then back again. This may be because they are so small people step on them. Those two babies love to tease and joke with each other and we witnessed this banter which was highly amusing. They were so happy so have company stop by during the holiday season they opened up their toy box and shared with everyone giving them each a tin holiday toy guard figure/doll. Both Elizabella and Malachi signed the toy guards as a reminder and keepsake of this joyous event and holiday season.


award hall

number 2 seers

loc3  nunbere 2


number 4 loca

mini drags


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