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Norman Bates
First Place Limerick
 Thar once were a pirate named KEYES…
‘ew terrorized the High Seas…
’til the day he got caught,
bein’ hung was his lot
An they leff him ter twist inna breeze :]

Delilah The Mad
Second Place Limerick
 Knew a seafaring lass named Rouxx
She found herself quite a nice crew
But they thought her a fool
Her acts misconstrued
Alas how I miss that sweet Rouxx

Third Place Limerick
On Siege, mean nasty pirates inhabit Arrr
They sail the seas near and far
From sea farers they extract booty
Which is pilfered by Liandra the cutie
Making the pirates shout -Arrr!

Fourth Place Limerick
There was a young pirate named Parium,
Who escaped from the Siege Sanitarium,
When confronted with capture,
He exclamed in rapture,
“Cogito Ergo Pirateum!”

Hearty thanks to the members of The United Pirates of Catskills who crossed to our shard and served as impartial judges:
Trinsac, Guild Captain
Blind Tom, Captain’s Hand
Margaret, Lovely Arse-Kicking Wench
Mikie – Member Who Can Read
They all spent hours into the late night judging dozens of limericks.
Note that if you disagree with their choices, they were not unanimous themselves. But after much rum was swilled and some blood was spilled, they made their decisions final.
We like ’em and would definitely like to see some of these role playing marvels join us here on Siege.

DJ Def of did a marvelous job announcing the winners Saturday night. UOradio set a record for the number of listeners as the good DJ played music requested by the players who listened in for the news. Chat was abuzz with wishes of good luck between those who had entered a limerick. DJ Def staggered the news and with each announcement the winner was good naturedly congratulated by the others.

The Pirates Of Arrr and Yarrr have given us two events recently that were hallmarked by the humor and the good nature of the participants. The Limerick Contest and last Saturday’s Pirate Chase gave Siege citizens the opportunity to have fun whether they directly participated in the events or followed the participants in Chat.
These events attracted more players than we normally see involved in Siege life.
The Pirates are successfully increasing player participation in events.

Thanks again! to Parium the Black for most of the Limerick Contest’s fabulous prizes  & to Captain Sureno and Liandra the Cutie for the Pirate Chase.

Famine donated some of the incredible variety of prizes totaling many millions in value. He did this because, “This game has given me so much. I want to give some back.” Famine’s museum on the north side of Zento will open soon. The museum’s purpose is to preserve some of the rarer UO artifacts. When y’go, tell Famine “Thanks.” UO is a richer experience because of Famine.

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