Alliance History on Great Lakes

February 25, 2013 By: Lady Lava Category: Great Lakes News

The forces seem to be a little tighter on Great Lakes this evening. At one time, for an extended period of time the -Y- Guild was the largest and the most active on Great Lakes. Of course as history has shown guild numbers, power and ranks can change with the wind.


Kid, the guild master of the -Y- Guild has joined alliance with an already fierce and active group of guilds including ENVY, GGs, B*R, AP3X, -420, E^F, ST*R, SOB, DN, FTT and K4R. This melting of guilds has been in the making for many many months and fruition is finally here.

Right after the marriage of -Y- to this shining group of players alliance chat was wild like fire. FireStar Farland voiced joy in being able to find friends easier than general chat. For those in alliance the shear number of avatars showing green is overwhelming. Princess Amara stated, ” It’s so easy being green “.

Some are claiming this is now the largest alliance ( number of players ) ever on Great Lakes.  Regardless if this is fact or not I want to congratulate all and wish happy hunting and safe journeys for all.


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  1. Violent A [SOB] says:

    WOOP WOOP . . . ! ! !