A Fond Farewell to Fio

June 03, 2012 By: Larisa Category: Origin News

It is with deep sadness that I write this.


EM Fio has been with us on Origin for a long time,  her and EM Faine brought us many adventures, many laughs and many deaths…all of it with smiles and laughter.

We all came to know and love her and her antics, during and after Events where we would just sit and talk and reminisce about random things.
Tonight, we had the pleasure of welcoming a new EM to Origin, EM Sangria…while saying good-bye to our beloved EM Fio in the only way someone could say good-bye to such a wonderful person….

By breaking her up into little tiny bits and feeding her to the gators….
Let me explain….

Faine…while a wonderful person and amazing EM, has a tendency to break, ruin or otherwise render unusable almost everything she touches. Her and Fio together were either REALLY good or REALLY bad…usually bad…especially in the kitchen!

The details are not clear..but Faine broke her….don’t ask how, I don’t think we’d want to know! But she called upon us Originals to come help put her back together…requesting we bring alot of glue! But being very clear about not letting Mesanna know…..
Well we all know how easy it is keeping things from Mesanna…NOT VERY! So of course our beloved Queen of Darkness came to reprimand Faine about breaking yet ANOTHER EM…

Faine swore that she tried EVERYTHING to put her back together…but to no avail….and asked Mesanna to help dispose of her pieces…which Mesanna gladly agreed to, saying that she would feed them to the gators, they were always hungry anyway.

While the crowd gathered was staring at the two of them in Awe, we noticed a large satchel sitting next to Faine….that kept moving….and muffled voices seemed to be coming from within..
Faine looked down to the floor and mumbled…*I…I am sorry but…I got another one!* She points to the satchel at her feet.

*LET ME OUT OR I’LL FEED YOU TO THE GATORS FAINE!* A voice cries from within the satchel. Mesanna just let out a huge sigh and said *Let her out…WITHOUT breaking her!*

EM Sangria was released from her prison and offically welcomed to Origin with one demand that she learn to do the Origin Bar Dance…and then the Origin Pole dance. Mesanna graciously provided a special pole for the occasion

On a more serious note, Fio…you will be sorely missed. You brought so much joy to Origin, you will never be forgotten.

We raise our bottles to you, for the memories, the laughs, the deaths and especially the joy you brought to us here on Origin. Thank you Fio, we will never forget you.


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