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June 04, 2012 By: Dayton Category: Catskills News

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by EMAdris
























Okay so that’s a pretty rubbish title, I was thinking Bon Voyage but that doesn’t specify a one way trip, Which is what this is. If you couldn’t make it on Sunday, I’m leaving Catskills.. I really haven’t been giving it my full time lately because, being from Europe, It’s late! When I was offered the spot I snapped their hands off.. Then life got in the way slowly this year, work made it hard to stay up late. So I’m leaving to let someone else who can give you their full time take my place..

I want to thank you all for a fabulous welcome last June, I couldn’t have asked for a better shard to kill entertain. Please be nice for Barnaby.. Or he will kill you, repeatability, and welcome the new EM with the same open arms you welcomed me.

I’m not leaving the EM program so if you play other shards, you’ll see me around.. I leave you with one parting gift, My most memorable moment from my time here.




The 16th of July, Why did I hold a deadly event on such a small island? Well I want to call it a learning experience! Did I do it again? No! :D

Why you all died at once? I want you to know, once the initial confusion passed in my head, I was laughing very very hard.


You’ve really been amazing, Thank you all! Please keep Barnaby and the new EM busy with your attendance and requests!


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