Lake Superior Horse Race 9/14 7:30PM CST

September 13, 2014 By: Kariny Category: Lake Superior News




Here are the rules for the first race:

Mounted on a horse (a horse is a horse creature, fire steed, nightmare, dread, or regular horse not an etheral mount) and take 3 laps of the course.  First one to finish the heat advances.  5 inside the track at a time.  You must stay mounted the entire time to get credit for the lap. Winners (1st, 2nd, 3d) will get a trophy in the reward hall.

Second Race:

You will run this one unmounted.  It will be a free for all race through the race track of the same 3 laps.  You will lead your horse not ride it. If you mount it at any time you will not receive credit for that lap. First second and third place awarded.

As always Falcon will have a spin on these rules so be ready!




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