2012 Phoenix Festival Wrap Up

October 08, 2012 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News

It was worth the wait!  This years Festival was a success from start to finish, packed with creative competitions, rewards, giveaways and the colorful community that makes up Legends.  Big thanks to DevilsOwn and her entourage, you put together a memorable weekend.  In loving memory of Lady Phoenix.

Pink is in season.

It’s not a festival unless there is Mage Poker.

Patiently waiting for the IDOC to drop with some Phoenix to keep everyone company.  Thank you TMC.

You got thirty minutes to catch the biggest fish of your life.  Literally, because the boats going to sink!

Throwing darts at a mongbat is fun.  Throwing darts at a mongbat while drunk is even more fun.

Mystikal took down the reining Olympic champion on his way to winning the Archery Tournament.

What?  Someone gets a free castle?  Ok, where do I sign up?

Pedestal Pong…. a game of chance, teleportation, fun, and frustration.

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