[EM Event] Robbery at the royal treasury!

September 19, 2011 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News

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Robbery at the Royal Treasury!

During the last night it came to a robbery at the royal treasury.
Man awaits anxiously the investigation!
Who know something about this or would like to help to investigate the crime,should meet Elesil Daelwon in the throne room of Britain.

Many citizens went to the throne room to see what this investigator wanted from us.

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Elesil started to introduce herself.

“Good evening,people of Drachenfels unfortunately have i failed to introduce myself until today.
My name is Elesil Daelwon and i am the royal investigator.
My specialties are forensic and the detection of traces of applied magic.

Professor Grimm is an old friend of mine and actually i only came to Moonglow to have a glass of wine with a old friend and to refresh memories of adventures sustained together.
Petty though, i was a little to late to witness or prevent the attack.
I have just seen professor Grimm and sad but true i must tell that his condition has not improved!
We must pursue this case, although we were unable to find anymore hints so far.
Usually i do not stay for long in one place, but since this is the second incident of potential high criminal energy, i decided to stay for a while, until these incidents are thoroughly investigated and solved!

Certainly you heard of the intrusion into the chamber of the royal treasures!
Diverse objects were stolen but i will provide details later.
Today, together with you, i want to investigate the theft from the chamber of the royal treasures.”

Elesil took the lead to the treasure room.

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We noticed the door of the treasure room was broken down.
Elesil concluded from that a strong creature like a ogre broke down the door.
She also noticed the remains of a silence spell . A spell used to keep the noise down.
Only a elf could have casted this kind of spell.

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But the most important clue came from a left behind field bottle with a symbol on it.
It was of a certain orc tribe.
A orc, a elf and a ogre working together?
We had not seen before these different races are working together.

Elesil ask us if we should go to the orc fort and see if we could find this orc master thief.

She had a army ready for her.
Elesil hoped to find the orc thief and capture him to question him about the robbery.
Elesil opened a gate near the orc fort.

When we arrived many orcs started to attack us on sight!
Some very strong orcish acid bombers joined the fight.

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The orc bombers acid burned very hard on our weapons and armor.

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There where a lot of casualties on both sides but the orc bodies started to pile up in and around the fort.

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Now and then we saw a strange looking orc running around the fort.
He was hard to capture.
He seem to have the ability and hide and stealth.

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It looked like there came no end to the orcs coming from the fort but after several hours of fighting things started to calm down.
We saw this strange orc again and we all ran to him and cornered him in a little cabin in the orc fort.

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He tried to look for a way out but he was surrounded by many of us.
Orgrin was very angry we killed many of the orcs.
We tried to ask him about the robbery but he claimed that the helm he had stolen belong to him.
It seem that it was promised to him by a black elf.

Pcuvush was lucky to get his hands on a helm.

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The master thief then got very angry on us and went berserk.
We wanted to take him for questioning back to Elesil in the castle.
But the orc seem to have no intentions to come willingly.

The orc had no chance against a army like this, but he had no plan to surrender.
Elesil appeared at the orc just at the moment the orc master thief was killed.
She was not happy with this situation.

But after we told her what the orc told us about the black elf she seemed to be pleased with the result.
She did wonder what they wanted with Lord Blackthorns old armor.
But now that most orcs where defeated at the fort she could look around better to find more clues there.

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To end this evening she asked again if anyone could help her with any hints on the assassination attempt on professor Grimm.
She even consider a bounty for the people who gave her a good hint.

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Elesil opened a gate back to the castle for everyone to get a rest after this long battle.
She will call on us again if she need more help.

I hesitated to talk to Elesil about the professor.
I changed my mind on talking to her and left to Britain.
I am busy with my own investigation on Dark Angel.
My scouts are trying to locate her before anyone else do.
I need to try talk to her to be sure if she behind this all.

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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