Yew-Wood Forest Theatre Hosts Harvest Festival

October 24, 2012 By: Lady Lava Category: Great Lakes News

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Yew-Wood Forest Theatre Hosts Harvest Festival

General chat and pigeons far and wide were sending the message that Tanda was

opening gates to the Harvest Festival from the Luna Bank. Lady Lava herself took one

of those very gates.

Erich greeted at the front door of the theatre and handed me a lovely gift bag full of

treats including a little spending gold, cookies, pumpkin pie, a Jack O’ Lantern Carver

and a tasty bottle of Pumpkin Fire Spirits.

The event had already started when I arrived and Hellga the Hag was doing seasonal

trivia with the crowd that had already gathered. I took a seat between old friends,

Buddha of AP3X and ONYX of  -Y-.

The lovely Lady Martyna Z’muir was on stage assisting the very creepy looking Hellga.

The costume contest was beginning and I was most excited as I have always loved a

costume or fashion contest.

As each entry entered the stage they were asked , ” tell me of your character “.  There

were a wide range of costumes/characters from a Bad Girl and Death to a Sweet

Transvestite from Transylvania.

It was hard to pick a winner and more trivia took place while the judges mulled over

the entries.

Third place went to, Superman. He walked off with a cool million and a mask.

Second place went to, Deaf Bride. She walked off with two million and a hat.

First place went to a, Talking Polar Bear. It walked off with four million and a hat!

After the costume contest a spawn was calling out my name so I did not attend the

scavenger hunt. No doubt it was full of fun and maybe a little spook.

Player run events are some of the best times on Great Lakes. Thank you to everyone

that put time and energy into this event.

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