Which Group Will Control Ocllo In The Future ?

November 08, 2012 By: Lady Lava Category: Great Lakes News


This just in from EM  Elizabella ~


The Bastion of Light stole two blackrock prisms and took them to Ocllo, with plans to gain political control of the island. Chaos Star found out and is planning to attack! The outcome of the battle will have an effect on the two groups and the leadership of Ocllo in the future.


Two moongates will open near the Felucca Britain moongate. If you want to help the Bastion of Light, go through the one on the left. If you want to help Chaos Star, go through the one on the right. You will arrive at a house where you can sign up by putting your name on a message board. Then go through the gate in front of that house right into battle!
Each side is entrenched in a ruined old guard tower. You can try to protect your tower or attack the other side’s tower. Control of a tower is symbolized by dyeing the pennant of that tower. Dye the pennant yellow for Bastion of Light, red for Chaos Star. Use the cauldrons of boiling wax next to each pennant for this purpose. Points are awarded for the amount of time a pennant is dyed a particular color, with extra points for whatever color it is at the end. The battle will last one hour.

Registered combatants from whichever side wins will have their names in the Felucca Award Hall. If you sign up on both message boards, the earlier one will be considered your side. If it cannot be determined which was earlier, neither will count.

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