Wahnita and Smoke Return to Great Lakes with Old School Deco

April 29, 2012 By: Lady Lava Category: Great Lakes News

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Wahnita and Smoke Return to Great Lakes with Old School Deco

It is always warming to the heart to see players return to UO and to Great Lakes. A few months ago Smoke and Wahnita returned to the game after being away for many years. I have been watching with delight as they learn the new ways of our world. Reflecting on the old days with them has been rather nice also.

One of the nice things that has evolved over the years is the designing and styling of a plot. I still reflect on the old school ways when a home decorater had to be creative in a much more challenging way as there was so little to work with. To my surprise Wahnita has combined many of the great old ways of creating items with the new.  Below are a few vignettes by Wahnita .

I love this small version of the old school fish tank


The Man Cave with fully stocked bar, toilet and pool table...everything a guy needs


Wide screen TV and sofa


Kitchen with fully stocked pantry


Old school fireplace


Master Bedroom with powder room and closet off to the side



2 Comments to “Wahnita and Smoke Return to Great Lakes with Old School Deco”

  1. It is great to be back on UO again. I have to say I did miss it. As I would love to claim these designs as my own, I cannot. I had remembered doing home deco back in 2003 and was lucky enough to find some good tutorials still on the web for the old school stuff.

  2. Thank you very much for the article and yes alot has changed but a house should look like a house and my wife did a great job..”man cave is best room in the house”……