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Honesty is respect for Truth

Shrine Locations:

  • Trammel & Felucca
  • Ilshenar
  • Derived From: Truth
    Anti-Virtue: Deceit
    Original Class: Mage
    Original Home City: Moonglow
    Opposing Dungeon: Deceit
    Mantra: Ahm
    Color: Blue

    Sigil: Writ of Honesty
    Rune: Open Hand
    Word of Power: Fallax
    Companion: Mariah
    Ankh Pendant: +2 Mana Regen
    Lord Blackthorn’s draconian Law: Thou shalt not lie, or thou shalt lose thy tongue.
    hold the maxim no less applicable to public than to private affairs, that honesty is the best policy.
    – George Washington on Honesty

    The Virtue of Honesty has been described thusly:
    “Honesty is scrupulous respect for truth – the willingness never to deceive oneself or another”

    The Virtue of Honesty
    in Ultima Online

    [Information obtained from official UO.com Website]



    As you travel the lands of Trammel and Felucca, you may find lost items. These items will say “Lost Item (Return To Gain Honesty)” when you mouse-over them. These items are never in dungeons or in guard zones.

    Use ‘object handles’ (ctrl+shift) to help you find them

    To turn in a lost item for Honesty credit:

    In a bank of each of the Virtue Towns there is a lost and found box.

    Lost and Found Boxes
    Britain (East) Jhelom
    Minoc Moonglow
    New Magincia Skara Brae
    Trinsic Yew

    Put the item in the box for Honesty credit, but make haste, there is a time limit!  (approx 3 hours)

    You may use Forensic Evaluation skill to gain more information about the owner of the item, it may be necessary to examine the item several times to gain as much knowledge about the item as is possible.

    If you turn the item into the Lost And Found Box in the city where the owner lives, you will get double Honesty points for your extra effort.

    If you give the item to the original owner, you will get quadruple honesty points.

    Returning an item lost in Felucca gains more credit than one lost in Trammel

    It is perfectly acceptable to let a friend discover the owner for you.

    Honesty gives you discounts at NPC merchants. The higher your rank in Honesty, the bigger your discount. The discount is applied to the total purchase. The discount is not shown in the merchant window, but you will see a system message once you make the purchase.

    With thanks to Frarc and Larisa

    Last modified: September 24, 2011

    2 Comments to “Honesty”

    1. this page was very help full thank you very much all some game

    2. I’ve been working on Honesty for awhile now, and I’m almost to knight – if it’s any help to those trying to work up this virtue, I can tell you that the best places I’ve seen for finding the items is in Buc’s Den (both facets) and Jhelom, outside the guard zones. Though some days I won’t find any items, and some days I find 6 or 7. I’ve tried running around the coastlines of the mainland, and random islands a few times, but almost never had any luck. I usually just check Buc’s Den on both facets once a day.

      I have a character with GM forensics, and almost always find out who the person is, and where they live on the first try. Finding the NPC is harder, though. I don’t know if anyone else’s experience has been different, but every time I’ve found the owner of an item, they have been either a noble or a peasant with a yellow name. I’ve almost always been able to find the owners that live in Moonglow, New Magincia, and Skara Brae. I’ve had difficulty in Trinsic and Jhelom, many times not able to find them at all. I’ve never found an owner in Yew or Britain, but maybe that’s just bad luck and a large area to cover. I usually just drop items from those two towns into the lost and found box there. Hope this helps.


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