Veil Of The Elder Savage Returned

November 05, 2011 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News

Undead sightings all throughout Britannia, including an invasion within the walls of Luna, had most of players on Legends busy for the last several days.  Most of  the sightings were reported at cemeteries as Undead Savage Warriors gathered in small groups.

After several days of continued havoc a meeting was called by Lt. Lance Braddock at the Castle Britain.

Questioning and investigation quickly uncovered that the undead were a product of the unsettling of the Veil Of The Savage Mask.

Professor Higglebottom and a group of followers had taken the mask from an unknown cave just days before.  The mask, which is said to have the power of eternal life, needed to be placed back in its rightful spot to end the undead attacks.  A battle through Ilshenar led to a cave entrance close to where the mask had been taken from.

Once inside the cave the followers battled undead towards a large room where in the center the Veil once rested.  The undead were forced backwards and the mask was eventually placed into its original spot, a great cloud followed its placement.  With this task completed hopefully this is the last that we see of the undead for awhile.


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